The following referendum question will be on the April 2 ballot:


Should the town of Menasha change its name from

 town of Menasha to BRIDGEVIEW?


In the upcoming April Election, you will be asked to vote on a referendum that would change the name of the town of Menasha to “BRIDGEVIEW”.


The town has been in existence since 1854 and has quite a history.  A part of that history has included the loss of a unique name and identity.  In 1874, the city of Menasha evolved when a portion of the Menasha Township decided to incorporate.  As the city of Menasha grew, the town of Menasha was thought of as a mere shadow of the city.  The fact that these were two separate, distinct municipalities, which shared a name, was lost, even though the town and city are relatively equal in both population and services.  This lack of identity has been confusing to the public, our residents and businesses.  As a result, the town of Menasha municipal offices must deal with problems on a daily basis that are a direct result of having two neighboring communities of basically equal size, sharing the same name.  There has been some misinformation about this proposed name change and would like to address some of those issues here.



v      The name of the town of Menasha will be changed to “BRIDGEVIEW”

v      Your mailing address will NOT change, therefore, no address changes will be necessary

v      The legal description of your property will NOT change

v      The designation as a town will NOT change

v      The costs to change signage, office supplies, etc. will be dept to a minimum and will be phased in as stock is depleted, whenever possible.



v      Locating businesses within the town will be easier

v      A national identity for the town will attract families as well as businesses

v      Employee time spent redirecting wrong telephone calls, mail, etc. will be greatly reduced

v      The town of “BRIDGEVIEW” would be shown on local maps

v      End the confusion between the town and city of Menasha!


The town of DePere had the same problem, so in 1994, they did something about it and voted to change their name to the town of “Ledgeview”.  Local examples of towns with identity are:  Greenville, Grand Chute and Clayton.  Darboy has their own identity even though Darboy is only a Sanitary District and not a municipality.


The idea of change is sometimes difficult, but is needed to survive.  When change is the result of careful planning and consideration of the facts, it can be a positive step toward the achievement of specific goals.


We have to let it be known who we are and that we take pride in our community.  We need to establish the fact that we are not part of city of Menasha.  Our town logo, “BRIDGING THE FOX CITIES”, makes “BRIDGEVIEW” a logical choice for the new name.


In closing, there is a lot in the “name”.  A new name would have many benefits for many people.  You, as residents and as voters, can make this happen!  The referendum question is binding, and as such, it will be those who vote in this election who will determine whether or not the name will be changed.



Please exercise your right to vote on APRIL 2, 2002!