Application for B-4

Business Park District

2000 Municipal Drive                                   Fax (920) 720-7116

Neenah, WI     54956-5665                       Phone (920) 720-7105

Blueprint in 11 x 17 if possible

Before receiving permits, 1 COMPLETE set of state approved plans must be submitted. Staff then requires a minimum of 5 working days to review the plans.


Applicant Name:_______________________________________________

Applicant Address:_____________________________________________


Address of Site:_______________________________


                        (City)                       (State)       (Zip)


Property Owner:____________________________



Contact Name and Phone Number__________________________________



Square Footage of Building___________________

Fee: $75 plus $1 per 1,000 square feet of building area in excess of 10,000 square feet


Dimensions of Building including setbacks and height restrictions:



Proposed Use for Building:_______________________________________



Distance from building to…             Street:________________

Pedestrian Walkway:____________


All buildings, land, and structures are accessible for emergency vehicles and handicapped:_________________________________________


All of the following on-site structures follow town codes and/or laws.

(See B-4 Zoning District for Guidelines and Restrictions)


          Storm water:____________________


             Note: Send drainage plan & calculations to Carl Sutter at McMahon Associates,

                       Inc. 1445 McMahon Dr. Neenah, WI 54957

             Fee:  $200 and any other billed costs for the review if the costs exceed $200

          Erosion Control:_________________





          Garage and Storage Buildings_____________________

          Radio and TV Antennas__________________________

          Satellite Dishes_________________________________