Town of Menasha Building Permit  (for roofs, siding, remodeling, sheds 10 x10 or less)

Winnebago County Zoning Permit   (for fence, deck, garage, new additions, new single-family home, sheds over 10X10, commercial & industrial projects). These County zoning permits require a site plan to be submitted on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. Show all principal and accessory (e.g. shed, pool, deck, etc.) structures along with the front, side, and rear setbacks. Also, show the distance between structures on the lot. Finally, make sure to show the new fence or addition (*indicate sq. ft. of addition as well*).  Example of site plan


Diggers Hotline (1-800-242-8511) click to access website



*  Any work being done on a 1 or 2 family home by the homeowner requires that a Cautionary Statement be signed by the homeowner.

*  If a contractor is doing the work, then the Town recommends that the contractor pull the permit. The contractor will also need to be certified by the state in order to pull a permit.

*  ALL PERMITS must be first brought to the Town of Menasha Bldg. Dept. for processing.



Building Permit Fee Schedule (New Fees Effective January 1, 2003)

Monthly Building Department Reports

Building Regulations and Inspection Checklist

Fencing Ordinance

Swimming Pool Requirements

Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code for Decks

Erosion Control for Home Builders

Basement Bedroom Requirements

State of Wisconsin Building Codes


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