New Single-Family Subdivisions


The Town of Menasha has recently added three new single-family subdivisions. The subdivisions include: High Plain Meadows, Wildlife Heights, and Gateway Meadows. These new developments have added 233 new single-family lots to the Town.


First, High Plain Meadows is located on the northwest intersection of East Shady Lane and Cold Spring Rd. There is total of 44 lots, with a lot sizes averaging 9,500 square feet. There will be curb and gutter. The subdivision will have more affordable housing, with the price of the homes in the $95,000-$125,000 range. In addition, there are plans for a Phase II, located directly to the north.




Second, Wildlife Heights is located directly south of the Parkwood Estates subdivision, with Symphony Blvd. connecting them together. The subdivision consists of 59 lots, averaging 21,900 sq. ft. There will be curb and gutter. The lots are estimated to be more upscale than the High Plain Meadows subdivision, with some homes averaging in the $140,000 range and the majority in the upper $100,000-$300,000 range. An outlot, located on the NE corner of the subdivision, has been dedicated to the public for a park. The outlot consists mainly of wetlands. Also, there will be a sidewalk located on the south side of Elk Trail Dr, which will connect to Irish Road. Furthermore, an environmental corridor was mandated on the northern portion of the subdivision, which will preserve the vegetation and trees falling within the 75 ft. setback from a navigable stream.



Lastly, Gateway Meadows is the largest new subdivision, with a total of 144 lots. It is located to the west of Irish Rd and extends out near Clayton Ave. The majority of the subdivision will consist of single-family homes (130 lots), with only a small portion (14 lots) for duplexes. The lot sizes average 15,000 sq. ft. and this subdivision will be the most upscale, with the price of homes ranging from the mid to upper $200,000’s. As included in the previous subdivisions, there will be curb and gutter. In addition, Gateway Meadows will have sidewalks on one side of the street. Furthermore, there are areas dedicated to the public for park uses, including 16 acres of wetlands, with a walking trail running through it. W. American Drive, which is four lanes, will be rerouted to Clayton Ave., starting at the point where it splits off with Smoke Tree Rd. Smoke Tree Rd. is the two-lane road that will split off into the Gateway Meadows subdivision. Gateway Meadows is part of the Valley Gateway Project, which consists of a combination of commercial, multiple-family, and single-family developments.





In sum, the Town of Menasha has experienced a growth in single-family developments. To view the detailed plats for these new subdivisions, go to the Town website ( or come to the Community Development Department at the Town Municipal Building. This trend may continue to grow. For example, there are potential pending plans for a Phase II of High Plain Meadows. Furthermore, there are other areas on the west side of Little Lake Butte des Morts that are being contemplated by developers for single-family developments. The Town of Menasha has a comprehensive plan in place that designates different types of future land uses. To this point, many areas designated for multiple-family have experienced development and are being exhausted. Hence, the Town is now seeing a surge in single-family developments and one of the goals of the Comprehensive Plan deals with balancing both multiple and single-family developments. With 233 new single-family lots recently created and the potential for more, it appears that this trend may continue.


If you have any questions about these new single-family developments or any other questions about potential future developments, please contact the Community Development Department at 720-7105.


- Jeffrey Smith, Associate Planner