ON JANUARY 16, 2002


1.      Is there low-income housing in the Town? There is no specific low-income housing program.

2.      The Town should do their fair share of low-income and assisted housing units.

3.      Change the wording in objectives, policies from “encourage, discourage” to “shall, shall not, or guide.”

4.      Should transportation services be near residential areas?

5.      How much agricultural land should the Town maintain? This will tie in with the Future Land Use Map.

6.      It is very important to interpret the trends from the data (demographic, housing) and relate them to the objectives/policies for each element. The Future Land Use Map will address these issues by taking the trends and then allocating the proper land uses (e.g. since the data shows an increase in the elderly population, then areas should be identified to address this trend; requiring certain densities would affect development types).

7.      Must determine if the trends are desired and if so, what should be done to accommodate them. At the same time, must examine what should be done do reverse the trend if it is not desirable for the future of the Town.

8.      What does the Town desire for the ratio of single vs. multi-family?

9.      There will be performance measures (e.g. annual reviews) to address what has or has not been accomplished as stated in the goals, objectives, and policies of the plan.

10.  Indentation should be used to clearly separate the goals, objectives, and policies.

11.  To achieve the goals, there needs to be ways to accomplish them, such as grants/other financial incentives, zero-lot lines, rezonings, etc.

12.  Graphs are helpful in displaying data. The plan should be kept as brief and to the point as possible. The main data could be placed in an appendix to support all the charts, graphs, maps, etc.

13.  Does the Town desire the projected population growth of 3-5% over the next 15 years?-- and the Town can either do things to encourage or stop it.  For example, larger lot sizes reduce density/population and higher density requirements could add to it.

14.  The Town could potentially partner with the City of Menasha in their housing rehabilitation program.

15.  Eventually, new construction/development will slow near a halt and housing rehabilitation programs will be necessary.