1. Transit – include a discussion on the Town’s contribution to Valley Transit and ridership figures in the Town. There were concerns on cost but it is still needed in some capacity, especially with an aging population that seems to want to stay mobile.
  2. Traffic – Impact of the opening of the USH 41 north to USH 10 west ramp on the traffic counts at CTH BB and American Dr. The completion of the interchange is very important since the lack of all connection ramps limits or delays development/growth. Also, the faster the interchange is completed, the faster other road problems/issues will be corrected/addressed. Traffic flow improvements are very important as opposed to just concentrating on having more traffic lights and stop signs. Overpasses have improved traffic flow.
  3. Train – discuss the impact of dual tracks on the Duluth-Chicago north/south route on crossings in the Town (CB Rd., Irish Rd., Clayton Rd.).
  4. Transportation – trend toward elimination of at-grade crossings. Need for traffic signage? Restricting/prohibiting billboards are a good policy. Need for park & ride transportation? Further use of roundabouts-they can be good traffic controlling devices. The transportation system should support the Gateway project (both residential & commercial). For example, a good start is the requirement of a trail on the north side and a sidewalk on the south side of W. American Drive. Trails have been supported by surveys of Town residents. The Town should have a Capital Improvements Plan.
  5. Need to change specific rural roads to urban road standards (e.g. Shady Ln. Clayton Rd., Irish Rd.)
  6. Transport Objective f. – providing safe & comfortable pedestrian and bicycle facilities in all areas of the Town, all neighborhoods should be designed to meet these needs = tough objective.
  7. Transport Objective o. – encouraging existing developments to improve aesthetics/screening, etc. = should be more specific by identifying situations when this can occur.
  8. Transport Objective r. – minimize impact of new transportation on existing neighborhoods, businesses & natural resources  =need more specific examples.
  9. An objective concerning school bus stops may need to be added.




  1. Telecommunications – look at Appleton/Grand Chute study. A local ordinance may be needed, especially since the County Zoning Ordinance limits Town control on certain zoning districts (commercial, industrial).
  2. Schools – check with Appleton School District if there are students on the NE part of the Town. Check with Neenah/Menasha on busing policy (students walk within 1 mile of school?). Town school bus policy? Neenah schools will be affected by the growth in the Town.
  3. Streets – transition from ditches to storm sewer, especially on the West side of the Town, which is flat. Must continue projects such as Cold Spring Rd./Jacobsen Rd. reconstructions. This also ties in with transportation since this will expand room for trails along these roads.
  4. Water – preserve quality of water supply.
  5. Solid Waste – there are no active landfills; map inactive landfills and what is done to monitor them.
  6. Fire Dept. – objective related to paid-on-call versus full-time; discuss first responders. When Future Land Use Map prepared, it will help Fire & Police determine future needs.
  7. Should Town provide other services? (fiber optic, cable, gas, electric).
  8. Capital Improvement Plan needed.
  9. Map future parks, open space, environmental corridors.
  10. Objective h. – change to January 1, 2003 or change Transportation Objective o. to October 1, 2003.