There were standards adopted by the East Central Region Planning Commission for residential land use density, wastewater flow for commercial/industrial, and transportation. Some details of each are as follows:


1.      Residential Density Standards:

·        Infrastructure (sewer, water, storm sewer, street, park) –levels must be complied with

·        Services (police, fire, schools, etc.) – levels are recommended.

·        The High Density Standard adopted by East Central is defined a 3 units or more per acre. The entire Town then falls under this category and therefore it must comply with them. If the Town does not comply, then East Central will deny sewer service area extensions.

2.      Commercial/Industrial Standards:

·        The Town should comply with the highest standard (Category H) which is defined as industrial & commercial development with projected daily wastewater flow rate of 10,000 or more gallons.


In applying these standards, municipalities can be flexible. But these level of service standards are designed to prevent urban sprawl.


3.      Transportation Standards:

·        Level C is the desirable level of service = stable yet restricted traffic flow, interaction with other transportation systems. Factors affecting Level C standards include: capacity, average speed, number of turns, number of access points, level of visibility, and adjacent land uses.

·        The Town will need to conduct traffic counts and make other observations to make sure that specific collectors, such as Irish Rd., Cold Spring Rd., E. Shady Lane, and Jacobsen Rd. meet the Level C Standards.

·        The Town may also want to incorporate pedestrian access with these roads when addressing compliance with the transportation standards.