(1) Where Required--**In the case of certain uses, the character of which could have substantial adverse effect upon the surrounding environment and general character of the County by reason of the appearance of the structures, arrangement or use of the land; such uses may be required, as a qualifying condition to their permissibility, to submit for approval of the Planning and Zoning Committee, building, site and operational plans.


(2) Principal Use not Infringed--Such required approval shall be limited solely to reasonable compliance with design, locational and operational requirements and shall not involve the basic permissibility of the use.


(3) Criteria--**In determining the acceptability of the building, site or operational plans, the Planning and Zoning Committee shall take into consideration the following factors as well as any others they deem appropriate:


(a) The same process of application review and approval shall be followed as in Section 17.25 "Conditional Uses," except that a public hearing and town notification shall not be necessary. However, if the Planning and Zoning Committee finds that such application requires public review for adequate evaluation, all procedures under Section 17.25 shall be followed.


(b) The time for the Planning and Zoning Committee review and approval shall be determined on an individual basis by the Committee.


**Except under Shoreland, Flood Plain and Conservancy Districts where projects have plans and/or permits approved by the Department of Natural Resources, Army Corps of Engineers, Soil and Water Conservation District, or State District Forester, approvals may be administratively processed by the Zoning Administrator, without Planning and Zoning Committee review--based upon the criteria required by permit and/or plan for any of the aforementioned agencies.