The final plat must show the corrected and finalized data from the preliminary plat.


A final plat of subdivided land must comply with the provisions of Chapter 236.20 of the Revised Wisconsin Platting Statutes summarized, as follows:


(a)                General Requirements:


(1)                On muslin-backed white paper 22 inches wide by 30 inches long.


(2)                If more than one sheet is needed, they shall be consecutively numbered.


(3)                With a binding margin of 1-1/2 inches on the left side of the 30 inch length and a one inch margin on all other widths.


(4)                With waterproof nonfading black ink.


(5)                Of a scale not to exceed 100 feet to an inch.


(b)                Surveying and Engineering Data:


(1)                Shall show the exterior boundary survey.


(2)                Shall show all monuments erected, corners and other points.


(3)                Shall show the width, length, bearings, degrees; radii and angles of all boundaries; entire parcel; blocks; lots; streets; easements and centerlines thereof, etc.; and all lake and stream meander lines established by the surveyor in accordance with Section 236.15 of Wis. State.  Stats.


(c)                The final plat shall show the total number of square feet for each new lot created by the plat and the said number of square feet Name, Location and Position:


(1)                The name of the plat shall be printed thereon and shall not be a duplicate of any other plat recorded in the county.


(2)                The location of the subdivision by government lot, 1/4 - 1/4 quarter section, section, township, range and county shall be noted under the name of the subdivision.


(3)                A small locational map shall be included and shall be oriented in the same direction as the main drawing.


(4)                Where provisions are made for access from any subdivision to any lake or stream, the plat shall show the area over which access is provided.


(5)                The names and dimensions of adjoining streets, state highways and the subdivisions shall be shown and underlined by a dotted line shall appear on the plat and on each lot created therein.


(d)                Roads and Public Spaces:


(1)                The name of each road or street in the plat shall be printed thereon.


(2)                All lands dedicated to public use shall be so designated.


(3)                All roads and streets not to be dedicated for public use shall be marked "private."


(4)                All Private Roads shown on this Plat may not be dedicated to or accepted by the Town of Menasha until such time as the road or street in question is constructed to Town of Menasha specifications in effect at the time of dedication or acceptance, and further that the cost of such construction shall be borne by the abutting property owners (This shall be noted on the face of the Final Plat).


(e)                Site Conditions:


(1)                The final plat shall show all existing buildings, watercourses, drainage ditches and other existing features.


(2)                It shall also show the water elevations of adjoining lakes or streams at the date of the survey and the approximate high and low water elevations thereof.  All elevations shall be referred to some permanent established datum plane.


(f)                 Certificates to Accompany Plat:


(1)                To entitle a final plat to be recorded, the following certificates shall be lettered or printed thereon:


(a)                Surveyor's Certificate of compliance with Statutes.


(b)                A clear and concise description of the land surveyed, divided and mapped.


(c)                Owner's Certificate.


(d)                Certificate of taxes paid.


(e)                Approval certification of the various approving authorities.


(f)                 Local Clerk's certification that plat has been submitted as required by law.