This is a comprehensive handbook to assist you in understanding the Town of Menasha’s development process.  The handbook is divided into four main sections: Zoning, Subdivisions/Platting, Non-residential & Multi-Family plan review, and other permits.  Each section contains a brief overview of the basic requirements, fees, and hearings if necessary. Charts and/or tables are provided in certain sections to help illustrate most processes.

The developer or his representative is encouraged to meet with a planner in the Community Development Department to review plans before they are officially submitted.  Contact a planner at (920) 720-7105 to schedule a meeting.  The planner can arrange to have a representative from the Building Division, Street Department, Fire Department, or other Town departments available at the meeting if requested when scheduling the meeting.

The developer or his representative is encouraged to review plans with nearby property owners before submitting plans to the Town. For example, rezoning hearings require that property owners within 300 feet are given proper notification.  The planner will help provide this list of upon request. The Town does encourage the use of its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Town map, located on the Town website, to acquire this information as well as many other useful land use/property description layers.

Fee schedules are included in each section.  However, you should contact the Town to insure that the fee schedule is current before submitting plans.  Changes may have occurred in the fee schedule since the last update of this handbook.

Should you encounter any problems in the development process or need clarification of the process, please contact a planner in the Community Development Department.

This handbook should be useful.  However, if you feel that a section is unclear, or more information should be provided, please let us know.  The handbook attempts to organize and briefly describe many ordinances. The complete ordinances can be accessed on the website or at the Town Municipal Complex.

NOTE:  The Town will make every effort to keep this document up to date.   Please contact the Community Development Department by phone at (920) 720-7105 or by e-mail at [email protected] for questions.