(1)       When to Issue.  The Inspector shall issue permits for all electrical installations for light, heat or power upon the filing of proper application which shall be made on forms furnished by the Inspector and shall describe the nature of the work as well as such other information as may be required for inspection.  In no case shall any electrical work be started unless a permit has been obtained, unless the same be exempt.  The Inspector may require the applicant to furnish plans and specifications covering the work to be done.  No permit shall be required for repairs made necessary for the proper maintenance of an existing installation.


(2)      Temporary Work.  On applying for permit for temporary work a specified period of time for which such wiring is to remain in service must be stated.  Service shall be cut off at the end of this period and shall not again be connected without written permission from the Inspector.


(3)         Fees.  Fees for permits shall be $2.50 plus the amount as follows based on value of work under the permit:


     $0 – $10,000                   $1.00 per $100 value or fraction thereof

$10,000 – $50,000            $0.50 per $100 value or fraction thereof

$50,000   or over              $0.25 per $100 per value or fraction thereof


Fees shall be paid to the Town Building Inspector.