(1)                When Permits are Required:


(a)                No plumbing shall be done in the town without a permit being first issued therefore by the Building Inspector and the paying of the proper fee of $1.00 plus $0.75 per fixture as hereinafter provided.  Such permits may be issued only to persons duly licensed to do plumbing under the laws of Wisconsin, provided, any person actually owning and occupying a single-family residence or constructing a single-family residence for his occupancy, may do plumbing therein without license and bond, although such person shall secure a permit and work shall fully conform with all requirements as to workmanship, design, and materials, and provided further, that any person assisting such owner shall be a licensed master plumber.  An owner obtaining a permit for work in a new residence shall not be granted a plumbing permit for work in another residence within a period of 5 years.  Any plumbing shall conform to all provisions of the state law and Codes, and ordinances of the Town.


The $0.75 per fixture permit fee shall apply to the following work:


Floor Drains                                   Dishwashers

Water Closets                                Disposals

Wash Basins                                   Clothes Washers

Bath Tubs                                       Laundry Tubs

Showers                                         Water Heaters

Urinals                                            Water Softeners

Sinks                                              Drink Fountains

Basement                                       Others


Any person desiring to do plumbing shall, before beginning active work, file with the Building Inspector, upon application blanks furnished by the Town, a description of the property and the nature of the work to be done.


(2)                Permit Restrictions, Cancellations, and Withholding of Permits:


(a)                No permit for plumbing in a new or relocated building shall be issued.


(1)                Until the Building Inspector is satisfied that all unused sewer and water services to the premises are sealed.


(2)                Until a sewer permit and building permit have been issued.


(b)                No Plumbing or sewer permit shall be granted to anyone who has failed to comply with these regulations.  No permit shall be issued to any person or to any master plumber against whom an order issued by the Building Inspector is pending.  No permit shall be issued to any person who has been in the past found violating or has willfully violated this chapter.  Bad faith or unreasonable delay in the performance of any work covered by these regulations or failure to respond promptly to official communications shall be deemed sufficient reason for withholding permits, and the master plumber shall be held responsible for the violation of these regulations by himself or any of his employees.


(c)                All permits are good for a continuous performance of the work named thereon; permits shall automatically expire when work ceases for a period of 60 days without good and reasonable cause for same; but automatically expire on completion of work for which it was issued.


(d)                The Building Inspector may cancel the permit on any job for violation of the license law or codes and ordinances and to stop work in any case where installation is not being made in compliance with this chapter.


(e)                The Building Inspector may cancel a permit upon written request of a master plumber or the owner for which work is being done; provided acceptable arrangements shall first be made for reissue of the permit to another master plumber for proper completion of the work, and the original permit shall not be cancelled until a master plumber applies for and is granted a permit to complete the work.  The procedure for requested cancellation and reissue of permits shall be as follows:


(1)                If the master plumber does not complete the entire installation for which he received a permit, he shall immediately notify the Building Inspector in writing requesting cancellation and detailing the extent of the work he has done.


(2)                The person who has hired the master plumber may request cancellation in writing and shall then specify the name of the master plumber he is employing to finish the work.


(3)                The work shall be stopped until a permit has been issued for completion.