The purpose of the preliminary plat is to allow the Planning Commission to evaluate the plat for conformity with requirements and conditions identified at the time of the land study approval and to evaluate construction plans for public improvements.

When it is proposed to divide land into three (3) or more parcels or building sites, any one of which is four (4) acres or less in size; or where the act of division creates three (3) or more parcels or building sites of four (4) acres each or less in area by successive division within a period of five (5) years, or where a road is created more than 150 feet long, the subdivider shall subdivide in accordance with the following procedures:


(1)                The subdivider shall have an initial consultation with the Town Staff before proceeding with platting procedures in order to obtain their advice and assistance and so that the subdivider is familiar with the necessary regulations and the following general factors:


(a)                The suitability of the site for development.

(b)                The accessibility of the site.

(c)                The availability of public facilities (sewer, schools, parks, etc.) and public services (police, fire, etc.).

(d)                Soil conditions and drainage pattern.

(e)                The effect on the proposed development of any contemplated improvements.

(f)                 Zoning.


(2)        Submittal of Sketch Plan.  At the above meeting the subdivider must submit a sketch plan on a topographic survey map (it may be a free-hand drawing, but in sufficient detail to determine conditions) indicating the nature of the above conditions.  The sketch plan will be reviewed as it relates to:


(a)        Topography.

(b)        The improvements, design, dedications or reservations required by these regulations.

(c)        Continuity to existing development within 300 feet of all boundaries.

(d)        Regulations as set down by Chapter 236 of the revised Wis. State Stats.

(e)        Regulations established under Chapters H55, H62, and H65 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code as regulated by the State Department of Health and Social Services.

(f)         Regulations established under Chapter 33 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code as it relates to highway regulations.


This consultation is intended to inform the subdivider of the purpose and objectives of these regulations, the comprehensive plan, comprehensive plan components, and duly adopted plan implementation devices of the Town and to otherwise assist the subdivider in planning the development.  In so doing, both the subdivider and planning agency may reach mutual conclusions regarding, the General progress and objectives of the proposed development and its possible effects on the neighborhood and community.  The subdivider will gain a better understanding of the subsequent required procedures.


The Town Planning Commission shall require submission of a draft of protective covenants whereby the subdivider intends to regulate land use in the proposed subdivision.


(3)               Preliminary Plat Review within the Town. Before submitting a Final Plat for approval, the subdivider shall prepare a Preliminary Plat and a letter of application.  The Preliminary Plat shall be prepared in accordance with these regulations, and the subdivider shall file sixteen (16) copies of the Plat and a letter of application with the Town Clerk at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting of the Planning Commission at which action is desired.  The letter of application must indicate that copies of the plat are on file with the utility companies having jurisdiction over the subject area so that required easements can be determined.