The Town of Menasha has an adopted Comprehensive Plan, which is the tool used to make decisions on future land use issues. The Town adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan in 2002, which complies with the State of Wisconsin Smart Growth requirements. As part of the Comprehensive Plan, the Future Land Use Map indicates what type of land use categories, such as Industrial or Low Density Residential, the Town plans on seeing in specific areas of the Town for the next 20 years.


Therefore, if there is a rezoning proposal, Town staff first verifies if it complies with the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan before making a recommendation. If the rezoning proposal does not conform to the Comprehensive Plan, then staff will recommend against it.


If the applicant disagrees with the Future Land Use Map designation for a certain area of the Town or a specific property, then he/she may apply for an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. This requires a formal public hearing and notification in the local newspaper. As a reminder, Town staff does perform annual reviews of the Comprehensive Plan, with a complete update every five years. Furthermore, staff encourages that changes to the Future Land Use Map are made at these five year intervals, especially since there is heavy citizen input at this time. Again, the Comprehensive Plan is the tool used by the Town on making recommendations on rezonings.