(For Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family)


Intent & Purpose:


The intent and purpose of a site plan review is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the Town of Menasha by assuring that the development or redevelopment of land is appropriate and compatible with the development of adjacent or neighboring lands. It is further intended to conservation and enhancement of natural and human-made resources within the Town of Menasha through a process of review and approval of site development plans. It is not intended to prohibit development that is otherwise permitted under applicable zoning laws; rather it is intended to improve the design, function, aesthetics and safety of projects and site plans which are otherwise in conformance with zoning regulations. 


It is also intended that this site review process be conducted in a timely fashion and that smaller, less complex projects will be reviewed as quickly as possible. On average, the review process takes 5-10 days. The site plan review process enables the Town government to plan for and review proposed multiple family (3 family units or more), commercial, industrial and public developments and improvements.  Developments subject to review include all new construction of buildings, additions to existing buildings which alter the outside dimensions of the building or internal functioning of the site, and the development of or expansion of parking areas, including new or relocated signs and lighting.