If you have a business within the Town of Menasha, please be advised that there are clear and specific regulations on signage. Many of these regulations fall under the joint Town/Winnebago County Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 17.28). The Town has their own separate sign regulations (Town Ordinance Chapter 14.65) that mainly focus on billboard and off-premise signs. The Zoning Ordinance regulations can be accessed at the Community Development Department or at the Winnebago County website, The Town signs regulations can also be accessed at the Community Development Department or at the town website,


First, the zoning regulations deal mainly with issues such as square footage, height, clearance-to-grade, number of signs, and setback requirements. For example, a free-standing business sign can only be a maximum of 100 sq. ft., including all faces combined. Furthermore, it can only be a maximum of 35 ft. in height, a minimum of 10 ft. from the properties road right-of-way, and may require at least a 10 ft. clearance from the bottom of the sign to grade if the location of the sign is proposed to be within a certain distance the road right-of-way, driveway, or the intersection of two streets. Finally, there is only one business sign allowed per lot unless there is multiple frontage, which would then allow one business sign per frontage. These are some of the basic regulations and the complete list can be accessed from the official zoning ordinance document. Any proposed free-standing business sign requires a Town building permit and a Winnebago County zoning permit. If you have any questions or interpretation issues, contact Winnebago County Zoning at 727-2880 or the Community Development Department at 720-7105.


Second, the Town of Menasha passed its own separate sign ordinance that deals with billboard and off-premise signs. Specifically, the ordinance prohibits billboards and off-premise signs within the Town, except for some specific limited situations. The Town Board has to review any application for a new off-premise/billboard sign. Also, existing billboard signs that were erected before the ordinance adoption may continue to exist unless it is proposed to be moved, altered or is damaged more than 50 percent of its assessed value. These are some of the main highlights from the Town sign regulations and again, contact the Community Development Department for questions. Finally, it should be pointed out that signs are not allowed in the right-of-way as per Town Ordinance Chapter 15.03.


In sum, these zoning and town sign regulations are intended to promote the public health, aesthetics, safety, welfare, and comfort of the general public within the Town of Menasha. If you are considering erecting a business sign, please first contact the Town in order to obtain the regulations and permit requirements. Town staff is always willing to set up a time to review any proposal and provide comments. This will avoid any possible fines issued by either Winnebago County for zoning violations or by the Town of Menasha for Town ordinance violations.