(1) Statement of Intent:

The intent of this district is to identify and to establish those areas of the county suited to the economics of large-scale agricultural uses. In turn, the value of this land is to be maintained by protecting these areas from the intrusion of urban uses. The location of this district should encompass sufficient acreage where soil characteristics and/or existing operations will facilitate extensive production of crops; forest products; livestock, poultry and their products; and dairy products. Identification of such districts should be by the use of detailed soil maps and by production records of the State of Wisconsin, Department of Agriculture.


(2) Principal Uses:


(a)  Agricultural.

(b)  Beekeeping.

(c)  Dairying.

(d)  Fish Farms.

(e)  Floriculture.

(f)  Forestry.

(g)  Fur Farms.

(h)  Grazing.

(i)   Greenhouse.

(j)   Hay.

(k)  Livestock Raising.

(l)   Orchards.

(m)  Paddocks.

(n)   Pasturage.

(o)  Plant Nurseries.

(p)  Poultry Raising.

(q)  Stables.

(r)  Sod Farming.

(s)  Truck Farming.

(t)  Viticulture.

(u)  Wild Crop Harvesting.

(v)  Barns, Silos, etc.

(w)  Raising of:

(1)  Cash Crops.

(2)  Mint.

(3)  Grass.

(4)  Seed Crops.

(5)  Silage.

(6)  Nuts and Berries.

(7)  Vegetables.


(3) Special Agri-Business Provisions:

Establishment of a lot(s) for existing dwellings not accessory to any farm operation and farm dwellings remaining after consolidation of neighboring farms, and for new lot creations for farm dwellings as permitted in the A-1 Conditional Use section (1) (i) and Accessory Uses section (below) (5) (a), are permitted, providing the lot shall comply with all the provisions of the applicable residential district.


(4)  Basic District Standards.


(a) Structure.

(1) Height--Maximum--None.


(b) Yards.

(1) Street--Minimum--75 ft.

(2) Rear--Minimum--50 ft.

(3) Side--Minimum--15 ft. ea.

(4) Shore--Minimum--75 ft.


(5) Accessory Uses:


(a) Farm dwellings, (one- and two-family) for those resident owners and parents or children of the farm operator who earn any part of their livelihood from farm operations on the parcel. (Yard standards according to the applicable residential district.


(b) Fences. Security fences are permitted on the property line, but shall not exceed ten (10) feet in height and shall be of an open type similar to woven wire or chain link fencing.


(c) Signs. Please refer to the signs sections under “other permits”.


(d) Roadside Stands. One (1) roadside stand on any one (1) farm shall be permitted, providing it will be used only for the sale of farm products raised on said farm.


(e) Out Buildings.


(f) Unless otherwise specified in other sections, accessory uses and structures are permitted in any district, but not until their principal structure is present or under construction. Residential accessory uses shall not involve the conduct of business, trade of industry. Accessory uses include incidental repairs; storage; parking facilities; servant's, owner's, itinerant agricultural laborer's, and watchman's quarters not for rent; private swimming pools; and private emergency shelters. Accessory use residential quarters shall be contained within the principal structure.


(g) The placement of pop-up camping trailers, RV’s, boats, etc., on vacant property, other than a vacant lot adjacent to, or across the street from, the residence is prohibited except for occasional use by the owner. Occasional use is herein defined as being on weekends, or a week for vacation purposes. Minor deviations may be administratively allowed on a case by case basis. At all other times the unit shall be removed from the property.


(h) Accessory Use Location.


(a) Unless otherwise specified in other sections, accessory uses and detached accessory structures are permitted within the buildable area or in the rear yard only; they shall not be closer than ten (10) feet to the principal structure; shall not exceed eighteen (18) feet in height; shall not occupy more than twenty (20) percent of the rear yard area of the particular site; shall not be closer than three (3) feet to any lot line, or five (5) feet to any alley.