Agricultural conditional uses and their accessory uses are considered as special uses which require review, public hearing, and approval.


(1) The following shall be conditional uses in all agricultural districts according to these conditional uses:


(a) Airports, Airstrips and Landing Fields—when agriculturally related. Compliance: All FAA Regulations.


(b) Cemeteries and crematories; hospitals; colleges and universities; sanitariums; religious, charitable, penal and correctional institutions.


(c) Condenseries, creameries, commercial butchering of animals, commercial boarding of stable animals, migratory laborer housing.


(d) Sludge disposal. Disposal shall be in accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code pertaining to Municipal Sludge Management. Additional conditions may be specified spreading of sludge, site criteria or application rates based upon land restrictions, site restrictions and total accumulated application.


(e) Storage and maintenance of construction equipment vehicles and seasonal storage of recreational vehicles, boats, and other related items is permitted in existing structures incidental to the farm operation as a conditional use if the storage area for all such equipment and vehicles is at least six hundred (600) feet from residential, and public and semi-public districts.


(f) Mobile home(s) which shall be occupied as an accessory use to the farm operation, (except in the A-1 "Agri-Business District," the occupant must earn a substantial part of his/her livelihood from farm operations on the parcel) providing:


(a) The Town Board verifies--in writing-- said use of the proposed mobile home(s).


(b) The farm operator agrees--in writing-- that discontinuance of the mobile home occupancy as the specified accessory use will necessitate removal of the mobile home.


(c) The conditional use shall be renewed every two (2) years.


(g) Large-scale operations, e.g. duck, turkey, mink farms, which involve potential nuisance conditions, requiring special waste disposal and treatment facilities, e.g. lagoons and/or overhead irrigation disposal systems.


(h) Town halls, town offices and town fire stations.


(i) Farm dwellings which are for those resident laborers including family of operator or laborers, who earn any part of their livelihood from farm operations on the parcel, provided the Town Board verifies--in writing—said use of proposed residential unit. Yard standards according to the applicable residential district.


(j) Utilities--and associated structures-- provided all principal structures and uses are not less than fifty (50) feet from any residential district lot line.


(k) Governmental and cultural uses.


(l) One-time disposal, except in "Flood Plain/Shoreland District," subject to receiving DNR permit.