(1) Statement of Intent:

The intent of this district is to provide for an individual or a small grouping of retail and customer service establishments which will serve the daily needs of the local area residents. The physical location and arrangement of these facilities should be laid out so as to orient themselves to the local residential population to be served while remaining compatible in appearance and character with the area.


(a) Recommended District Sizes: (Per 500-600 families)


(1) 80,000-130,000 sq. ft. (unsewered)

(2) 40,000-65,000 sq. ft. (sewered)


(2) Principal Uses:

The following uses and similar stores and shops offering convenience goods and personal services provided that they shall be retail establishments, selling and storing only new merchandise provided there is no outside storage: (Provided the retail convenience or service facility does not exceed 1,500 sq. ft. of area for the principal structure).


(a) Low-traffic generating retail stores and shops offering convenience goods and services, e.g. mini-markets, bakeries, and beauty shops;


(b) Business and professional offices;


(c) Specialties, e.g. dance schools and art studios;


(d) Customer service establishments, e.g. restaurants and tailor shops.


(3) Basic District Standards:


(a) Building.

(1) Height--Maximum--15 ft.


(b) Yards (sewered).

(1) Street--Minimum--30 ft.

(2) Rear--Minimum--25 ft.

(3) Side--Minimum--7 ft. one side; 10 ft other side

(4) Shore--Minimum--75 ft.


(c) Yards (unsewered).

(1) Street--Minimum--50 ft.

(2) Rear--Minimum--50 ft.

(3) Side-minimum--7 ft. one side; 10 ft. other side.

(4) Shore--Minimum--75 ft.


            (d) Lot (sewered).

                        (1) Frontage—Minimum—75 ft.

                        (2) Width—Minimum—85 ft.

                        (3) Area-- Minimum—15,000 sq. ft.


            (e) Lot (unsewered).

                        (1) Frontage—Minimum – 100 ft.

                        (2) Width – Minimum – 100 ft.

                        (3) Area – Minimum – 30,000 ft.