Business conditional uses and their accessory uses are considered as special uses which require review, public hearing and approval.


The following shall be conditional uses according to these provisions:


(1) Residential apartments may be permitted as a conditional use provided that the quarters are an integral part of the design of the commercial activities not exceeding sixty (60) percent of the floor area of the structure.


(2) Public passenger transportation terminals, such as heliports, bus and rail depots--except airports, airstrips and landing fields--provided all principal structures and uses are not less than one (100) feet from any residential district boundary.


(3) Vehicle service, washing, repair stations; garages; taxi stands; public parking lots; and self-service and full-service gas stations.


(a) Group 3 Standards:


(1) Gas Pump Yards- All Minimum 30 feet.

(2) Canopy Yards- Street Minimum 18 feet.


(4) Planned business district with minimum of four (4) acres in one ownership and with a minimum frontage of 200 feet subject to the Approval procedures for Permit provided under the R-5 "Planned Residential District."


(5) Adult Entertainment Overlay District in a B-3 Highway Business (HB) district.


(6) Any other specific low-intensity business use which does not easily identify with a principal use category.


(7) Utilities--and associated structures-- provided all principal structures and uses are not less than fifty (50) feet from any residential district lot line.


(8) Governmental and cultural uses. Except town halls, town offices and town fire stations shall be considered principal uses.


(9) One-time disposal, except in "Flood Plain/Shoreland District," subject to receiving DNR permit.