(1) Statement of Intent:

The intent of this district is to provide for the orderly and appropriate grouping of retail stores, service establishments, non-highway oriented lodging and entertainment facilities. The size and location of such facilities should be based upon a justifiable community need, adequate customer potential and a relationship to traffic circulation which will assure servicing of several neighborhoods.


(a) Recommended District Size:(Per 2,000-3,000 families)


(1) 130,000-220,000 sq. ft. (unsewered).

(2) 65,000-110,000 sq. ft. (sewered).


(2) Principal Uses:

All principal uses permitted in the B-1 "Local Service District." Also, the following uses and similar stores and shops offering retail goods and services to surrounding neighborhoods provided there is no outside storage:


(a)  Antique Shops.

(b)  Appliance Stores.

(c)  Bicycle Sales, Rental & Repair.

(d)  Card & Picture Framing Shops.

(e)  Carpet Stores.

(f)  Catalog Stores.

(g)  Caterers.

(h)  Churches.

(i)  Dry Goods Stores.

(j)  Electrical Supply.

(k)  Financial Institutions.

(l)  Florist & Gift Shops.

(m) Furniture Stores & Upholstery Shops.

(n)  Garden Supplies (indoor sales).

(o)  Hardware/Sporting Goods Stores.

(p)  Heating Supplies.

(q)  Hotels.

(r)  Junior Department Stores except Discount Department Stores and Discount Centers.

(s)  Laundry/Dry Cleaning Establishments employing not over seven (7) persons.

(t)  Leather Goods & Luggage Stores.

(u)  Liquor Stores.

(v)  Medical Appliances.

(w)  Music Stores.

(x)  Night Clubs.

(y)  Office Supplies.

(z)  Personal Service Establishments.

(aa)  Pet Shops without outdoor pens.

(bb)  Photographic Supplies.

(cc)  Places of Entertainment.

(dd)  Plumbing & Heating Supplies.

(ee)  Radio & TV Repair & Service Shops.

(ff)  Supermarkets.

(gg)  Taxidermists.

(hh)  Trade & Variety Stores.

(ii)  Travel Bureaus.

(jj)  Low-traffic generating retail stores and shops offering convenience goods and services, e.g. mini-markets, bakeries, and beauty shops.

            (kk)  Business and professional offices.

            (ll)  Specialties, e.g. dance schools and art studios.

            (mm)  Customer service establishments, e.g. restaurants and tailor shops.


(3) Basic District Standards:


(a) Building.

(1) Height--Maximum--35 ft.


(b) Yards (sewered).

(1) Street--Minimum--30 ft.

(2) Rear--Minimum--25 ft.

(3) Side--Minimum--7 ft. one side; 10 ft. side.

(4) Shore--Minimum--75 ft.


(c) Yards (unsewered).

(1) Street--Minimum--50 ft.

(2) Rear--Minimum--50 ft.

(3) Side--Minimum--7 ft. one side; 10 ft. other side

(4) Shore--Minimum--75 ft.


            (d) Lot (sewered).

                        (1) Frontage—Minimum – 75 ft.

                        (2) Width – Minimum – 85 ft.

                        (3) Area – Minimum – 15,000 sq. ft.


            (e) Lot (unsewered).

                        (1) Frontage – Minimum – 100 ft.

                        (2) Width- Minimum – 100 ft.

                        (3) Area—Minimum – 30,000 sq. ft.