The following and similar uses shall be permitted subject to application, review, and approval in accordance with these conditional uses.


(1) Health clubs, barber shops, beauty salons, florists (not including greenhouses) and studios for photography, painting, music, dance and other recognized fine arts where such uses are situated in the building of an approved principal use.


(2) Commercial child day care facilities.


(3) Restaurants (not including drive-in or drive-thru facilities), when located in the building of an approved principal use.


(4) One residential living quarter when located within the building of an approved principal use and provided occupancy thereof is restricted to an owner, manager, caretaker or employee of the principal business. Such living quarter shall not exceed 1000 square feet in floor space, or 1% of the total building floor space, whichever is less.


(5) Outside storage yards accessory to an approved principal use, provided such storage is adequately screened from the surrounding view.