(1) COMPLIANCE. These regulations permit specific uses in specific districts; and these performance standards are designed to limit, restrict, and prohibit the effects of those uses outside their premises or district. All structures, lands, air and waters shall hereafter, in addition to their use, site, sanitary, floodland, and shoreland regulations, comply with the following performance standards.


(2) WATER QUALITY PROTECTION. No residential, commercial, industrial or recreational use shall locate, store, discharge, or permit the discharge of any treated, untreated, or inadequately treated liquid, gaseous, or solid materials of such nature, quantity, obnoxiousness, toxicity, or temperature that might run off, seep, percolate, or wash or be harmful to human, animal, plant, or aquatic life. This section shall not apply to uses other than those enumerated in it.


(3) NOISE. All noise shall be so muffled or otherwise controlled as not to become objectionable due to intermittence, duration, beat frequency, impulse character, periodic character or shrillness.


(4) RADIOACTIVITY AND ELECTRICAL DISTURBANCES. No activity shall emit radioactivity or electrical disturbances so as to endanger the use of neighboring premises.