(1) Statement of Intent:

The intent of this district is to provide for the development of so-called "clean" industrial employment centers within the immediate vicinity of residential neighborhoods. As with any activity which draws users from beyond the immediate population which surrounds it, suitable traffic routes and parking facilities must be integral to the location and plot plan design of the district.


(2) Principal Uses:

The following and similar uses are permitted subject to approval by the Planning and Zoning Committee as to location and operations (provided there is no outside storage of equipment or products):


(a) General, clerical and professional offices.

(b) Research and testing laboratories, schools and training centers.

(c) Cleaning, pressing and dyeing establishments.

(d) Commercial greenhouses.

(e) Wholesalers and distributors.

(f) Food locker plants, cold storage warehousing, etc.

(g) Light industrial plants such as required for production of millwork, machine tools, paper containers, light metal fabrication, and similar small industries.

(h) Manufacture, fabrication, packing, packaging, processing & assembly of confections, cosmetics, electrical appliances, electronic devices, foods (except garbage, fish and fish products, meat and meat products, and pea vineries), instruments, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and toiletries.

(i) Manufacturing and bottling of non-alcoholic beverages.

(j) Painting, printing, publishing establishments.

(k) Commercial bakeries and trade and contractor's offices.


(3) Basic District Standards:


(a) Building.

(1) Height--Maximum--45 ft.


(b) Accessory Building.

(1) Height--Maximum--30 ft.


(c) Yards.

(1) Street--Minimum--30 ft.

(2) Rear--Minimum--25 ft.

(3) Side--Minimum--7 ft. one side; 10 ft. other side

(4) Shore--Minimum--75 ft.


* The above yards apply except where any portion of the parcel is adjacent to a residential district. When adjacent to a residential district, a Building Site and Operational Plan (B.S.O.P.) must be submitted to and approved by the Planning and Zoning Committee. The B.S.O.P. is to indicate how the activities proposed on the parcel will be prevented from causing an adverse impact on adjacent residential parcels. Where the Committee determines that increased setbacks may be required, the affected setback shall not be more than the following: Street, side and rear -- 50 ft.


(4) Approval of Building Site and Operational Plans*:

According to these provisions. All structures and substantial improvements for principal uses subject to the following:


(a) No merchandise shall be handled for sale or service rendered on the premises except such as are incidental or accessory to the principal permissible use of the premises, except for sales or service to industrial customers.


(b) All operations and activities of all uses within this district shall be conducted wholly inside a building or buildings.


(c) No continuous or intermittent noise from operations greater than the volume and range of noise emanating from vehicular traffic or its equivalent in noise shall be detectable at the boundary line of any residential district.


(d) No toxic matter, noxious matter, smoke or gas, and no odorous or particulate matter detectable beyond the lot lines shall be emitted.


(e) No vibration shall be detectable beyond the lot lines.


(f) No glare or heat shall be detectable beyond the lot lines.


(g) The storage or use of chemicals either solid, liquid or gas, shall be subject to the following conditions:


(1) The storage, utilization or manufacturing of materials or products ranging from incombustible to moderate burning is permitted.


(2) The storage, utilization or manufacturing of materials or products ranging from free to active burning is permitted providing the following condition is met:


(a) Said materials or products shall be stored, utilized, or manufactured within completely enclosed buildings having incombustible exterior walls and protected throughout by an automatic fire extinguishing system.


(3) The manufacture of flammable materials which produce explosive vapors or gases is prohibited.


*If the Town Board and the Planning and Zoning Committee shall both approve the application subject to certain conditions and such conditions shall not be identical, then the more restrictive conditions shall apply.