All M-2 Conditional Uses apply according to these provisions.


(1) Public passenger transportation terminals, such as heliports, bus and rail depots, except airports, airstrips, and landing fields, provided all principal structures and uses are not less than one hundred (100) feet from any residential district boundary.


(2) Animal hospitals provided all principal structures and uses are not less than one hundred (100) feet from any residential district or use.


(3) Utilities-and associated structures- provided all principal structures and uses are not less than fifty (50) feet from any residential district lot line.


(4) Governmental and cultural uses. Except town halls, town offices and town fire stations.


(5) One-time disposal, except in "Flood Plain/Shoreland District," subject to receiving DNR permit.


(6) Airports, airstrips and landing fields, provided the site area is not less than twenty (20) acres provided they meet F.A.A. requirements.


(7) The following and similar uses provided such uses shall be at least six hundred (600) feet from any residential or public district:


(a) Manufacturing and processing of such items as:


(1)    Abrasives.

(2)    Acetylene.

(3)    Acid.

(4)    Alkalies.

(5)    Ammonia.

(6)    Asbestos.

(7)    Asphalt.

(8)    Batteries.

(9)    Bedding.

(10)  Bleach.

(11)  Bone.

(12)  Cabbage.

(13)  Candles.

(14)  Carpeting.

(15)  Celluloid.

(16)  Cement.

(17)  Cereals.

(18)  Charcoal.

(19)  Chemicals.

(20)  Chlorine.

(21)  Coal Tar.

(22)  Coffee.

(23)  Coke.

(24)  Condenseries.

(25)  Cordage.

(26)  Creameries.

(27)  Creosote.

(28)  Dextrine.

(29)  Disinfectant.

(30)  Dye.

(31)  Excelsior.

(32)  Felt.

(33)  Fish.

(34)  Fuel.

(35)  Furs.

(36)  Gelatin.

(37)  Glucose.

(38)  Gypsum.

(39)  Hair Products.

(40)  Ice.

(41)  Ink.

(42)  Insecticide.

(43)  Lampblack.

(44)  Lime.

(45)  Lime Products.

(46)  Linoleum.

(47)  Matches.

(48)  Meat.

(49)  Oil Cloth.

(50)  Paint.

(51)  Paper.

(52)  Peas.

(53)  Perfume.

(54)  Pickles.

(55)  Plaster.

(56)  Plaster of Paris.

(57)  Plastics.

(58)  Poison.

(59)  Polish.

(60)  Potash.

(61)  Pulp.

(62)  Pyroxylin.

(63)  Radium.

(64)  Rope.

(65)  Rubber.

(66)  Sausage.

(67)  Shoddy.

(68)  Shoe and Lampblacking.

(69)  Size.

(70)  Starch.

(71)  Stove Polish.

(72)  Textiles.

(73)  Varnish.


(2) Manufacturing, processing, and storage of building materials, explosives, dry ice, fat, fertilizer, flammables, gasoline, glue, grains, grease, lard, plastics, radioactive materials, shellac, soap, turpentine, vinegar and yeast.*


(3) Manufacturer and bottling of alcoholic beverages; bag cleaning; bleacheries; canneries; cold storage warehouses; electric and steam generating plants; electroplating; enameling; forages; foundries; garbage; incinerators; lacquering; lithographing; offal, rubbish, or animal reduction; oil, coal and bone distillation; refineries; road test facilities; slaughterhouses; smelting; stockyards; tanneries; and weaving.


(4) Outside storage and manufacturing areas.


(5) Wrecking, junk, demolition, and scrap yards shall be surrounded by a solid fence or evergreen planting screen completely preventing a view from any other property or public right-of-way and shall be at least six hundred (600) feet from residential, public and semi-public districts.


(6) Commercial service facilities, such as restaurants and fueling stations, provided all such services are physically and saleswise oriented toward industrial district users and employees and other users are only incidental customers.


(8) Residential apartments may be permitted as a conditional use provided that the quarters are an integral part of the design of the commercial activities not exceeding sixty (60) percent of the floor area of the structure.


(9) Vehicle service, washing, repair stations; garages; taxi stands; public parking lots; and self-service and full-service gas stations.


(a) Group 3 Standards:


(1) Gas Pump Yards All Minimum 30 feet.

(2) Canopy Yards Street Minimum 18 feet.


(10) Planned business district with minimum of four (4) acres in one ownership and with a minimum frontage of 200 feet subject to the Approval procedures for Permit provided under the R-5 "Planned Residential District."


(11) Adult Entertainment Overlay District in a B-3 Highway Business (HB) district.


(12) Vehicle Body Shops when accessory to sales, but not including the storage of junked or wrecked vehicles and parts.


(13) Drive-in Theaters.


(14) Commercial stables with a minimum of five (5) acres.


(15) Model homes and garages.


* The storage of flammables and gasoline in excess of 10,000 gallons shall require diking and underlaying in accordance with applicable state requirements.