(1) Statement of Intent:


The intent of this district is to provide a lot size and associated standards for homesites developed on a scattered basis. The criteria of this district are designed to provide reliable, single-family homesites in those areas where "neighborhood" and "community" facilities and services are of secondary significance to the location of the homesite itself. Residential accessory uses shall not involve the conduct of business, trade of industry. Accessory uses include incidental repairs; storage; parking facilities; servant's, owner's, itinerant agricultural laborer's, and watchman's quarters not for rent; private swimming pools; and private emergency shelters. Accessory use residential quarters shall be contained within the principal structure.


(2) Principal uses:


(a) One-family dwellings and Community Living Arrangements.


(b) In addition, incidental agricultural activities when such a site is utilized as a farm homesite.


(c) One-family dwellings shall contain a minimum width of 20 feet, measured from narrowest part of structure, and a minimum area of 1000 sq. ft.


(3) Basic District Standards:


(a) Building.

(1) Height--Maximum--35 ft.


(b) Yards.

(1) Street--Minimum--30 ft.

(2) Rear--Minimum--25 ft.

(3) Side-Minimum--7 ft. one side; 10 ft. other side (4) Shore-Minimum--75ft.


(c) Lot (sewered).

(1) Width—Minimum – 85 ft.

(2) Area- Minimum – 12,000 sq. ft.


(4) Accessory Uses:

Stables, sheds, and similar structures for Conditional Uses (12-16) provided their combined floor area does not exceed 1% of the total lot area.


(a)    Accessory structure standards:


(1)   Building – Maximum – 18 ft.


(2)   Yards.


(a) Street-Minimum--100 ft. or as specified in the Conditional Use Approval.


(b) All Other--Minimum--50 ft.


(3) Confinement.


(a)    The permanent confinement of animals, the placement of pens, and location of structures for same, shall be a minimum of 75 ft. from any adjoining residence. (Said adjoining residence shall have the right to expand, remodel or reconstruct without regard for this minimum distance).


(b) Fences.


(1) Fences will be permitted on the property line except that no fence shall be located closer than 2' to any right-of-way. On the side and rear yard, the height shall not exceed six (6) feet in height. In the street yard, fences shall be an open type (50% or less opaque) and shall not exceed four (4) feet in height. In those cases where the rear yard is a shore yard, fences located between the shore yard setback line and half the distance to the ordinary high water mark shall adhere to the rear yard standards. The remaining shore yard shall adhere to the street yard standards.


(2) Fences on the property line of a through lot abutting an access restricted right-of-way shall be allowed at the rear yard height and opacity standards.


(3) No fence in any residential district shall consist of, or contain, 8-18 gauge single strand wire commonly known as ‘barbed wire’, nor shall any fence be electrified. Farm fences adjacent to a residential district are exempt from this restriction.


(c) Outdoor Lighting. Outdoor lighting installations shall be permitted in all yard areas, but no closer than three (3) feet to an abutting property line and shall be adequately shielded or hooded so that no excessive glare or illumination is cast upon the adjoining properties.


(d) Parking. Please refer to parking section under “other permits”.


(e) Signs. Please refer to signs section under “other permits”.


(f) Garages. Garages in all residential districts, or on a lot where the principal use is residential, shall conform to the following:


(1) No detached private garage shall exceed a height of eighteen (18) feet.


(2) In addition,


(a) Total floor area for accessory structures in an R-1 residential district with a lot size of 43,000 square feet or less shall not exceed 1,200 square feet.


(b) Total floor area for accessory structure in an R-1 residential district with a lot size greater than 43,000 square feet shall not exceed 1,200 square feet plus 1% of the lot area in excess of 43,000 square feet.


(c) Total floor area for accessory structure in an R-2/MH-1 residential district shall not exceed nine hundred (900) square feet, except where the lot size exceeds 10,000 square feet, the total accessory square footage may be increased by 1% of the lot area in excess of 10,000 square feet.


(d) The floor area for an accessory structure with a duplex use, and not accessory to a farm, shall not exceed nine hundred (900) square feet for a single accessory structure nor shall any combined total exceed one thousand seven hundred (1,700) square feet. Single family homes in an R-3 District shall be limited to the R-2 (subdivision) or R-1 (metes and bounds/CSM) standards.


(e) Floor area ration for accessory structures in a multiple-family (R-4) district shall not exceed:


(1) Three units, eight hundred and seventy (870) square feet.

(2) Each additional unit, two hundred and sixty-five (265) square feet.

(3) Increased floor area may be granted in a Conditional Use Permit.


(f) Two (2) or more accessory structures on any one (1) lot having a residential use shall have a minimum of ten (10) feet of yard area between them.


(g) Boathouses.


(1) Boathouses may be located within a shore yard but shall be no closer than five (5) feet to the ordinary high water mark of the stream, lake, pond of wetland. In no case, however, shall boathouses be located below a high-water elevation, nor shall boathouses be used for human habitation. Furthermore, boathouses shall not exceed one (1) boathouse for each shoreland lot; shall not exceed a height of fifteen (15) feet above the high-water elevation; shall not exceed 500 square feet in horizontal area covered and shall not be closer than three (3) feet to any side lot line. The maintenance and repair of non-conforming boathouses which extend beyond the ordinary high water mark of any navigable waters shall be required to comply with s. 30.121, Wis. Stats.


(2) The use of a boathouse is limited to the storage of watercraft and associated gear. Decks and screened in areas are prohibited on boathouses. Where there is a railing on the top of a boathouse, the boathouse height shall be measured to the top of the railing when computing the maximum allowable height.


(h) The placement of pop-up camping trailers, RV’s, boats, etc., on vacant property, other than a vacant lot adjacent to, or across the street from, the residence is prohibited except for occasional use by the owner. Occasional use is herein defined as being on weekends, or a week for vacation purposes. Minor deviations may be administratively allowed on a case by case basis. At all other times the unit shall be removed from the property.


(i) Accessory Use Location.


(1) Unless otherwise specified in other sections, accessory uses and detached accessory structures are permitted within the buildable area or in the rear yard only; they shall not be closer than ten (10) feet to the principal structure; shall not exceed eighteen (18) feet in height; shall not occupy more than twenty (20) percent of the rear yard area of the particular site; shall not be closer than three (3) feet to any lot line, or five (5) feet to any alley.