(1) Statement of Intent:

The intent of this district is to provide residential development of "walk-up" type apartment buildings which provide rental housing to be built within the economies of scale, while retaining a relatively low density pattern. The use of this district should be applied to those locations in the "neighborhood" in which it will be compatible with surrounding uses; where the increased density would not create a service problem; and where the use will accommodate both the existing or anticipated character of the surrounding area and the needs of the multiple-family development itself.


(2) Principal Uses:

Multiple-family dwellings and Community Living Arrangements defined in 59.97(15), Statutes, on lots served by public sanitary sewer.


(3) Basic District Standards:


(a) Building.

(1) Height--Maximum--35 ft.


(b) Yards.

(1) Street--Minimum--40 ft.

(2) Rear--Minimum--40 ft.

(3) Side--Minimum--15 ft. each

(4) Shore--Minimum--75 ft.


(c) Lot.

                        (1) Width – Minimum – 120 ft.

                        (2) Area – Minimum – 15,000 sq. ft. with no less than 1,500 ft. increase in area for each added unit over a four unit structure.