Condominium and Cluster Development


(1) Statement of Intent:

The intent of this district is to produce a total residential development area with standards designed to encourage creativity in the arrangement and placement of residential dwellings. To this end, the district allows a diversity of dwelling types, open spaces, and uses conceived and planned as comprehensive and cohesive projects. Furthermore, the application of this district should produce a more rational and economic use of land and public services while encouraging the preservation of open space.


(2) Principal Uses:

Clustered residential development, including Community Living Arrangements defined in 59.97(15), Statutes, which is serviced by a public sanitary sewer system. The specific type of residence, number, arrangement, and organization is to be determined by the procedure established under R-5 Conditional Use section and these conditional uses. Development shall be either by plat or condominium.


(a) Attached single-family and clustered single-family dwellings shall contain a minimum width of 20 feet, measured from narrowest part of structure, and a minimum area of 1000 sq. ft.


(b) Two-family dwellings shall contain a minimum width of 20 ft., both units included and measured from narrowest part of structure, and a minimum area of 500 sq. ft. for each dwelling unit.


(3) Basic District Standards:


(a) Building.


(1) Street--Minimum--None.


(2) Rear--Minimum--None.


(3) Side--Minimum--15 ft. between single- and two-family buildings.


(4) Other--Minimum--30 ft. from public street right-of-way; from exterior property lines of the development and between multiple-family and row house buildings. All others according to Conditional Use Permit.


(5) Shore--Minimum--75 ft.


(b) Lot.


(1) Area- Minimum – 4,000 sq. ft. per row house; 6,000 sq. ft. for one-family dwelling; others according to Conditional Use Permit.


(2) Width- Minimum- 50 ft. (All lot areas to be designated by broken line on plot plan when condominium ownership).


(4) How to obtain approval:


(a) Application:


(1) In addition to the requirements of these conditional uses, there shall be a preliminary plan provided with each application. The data on this plan shall conform to the standards of Section 18.21 to 18.25 of the Winnebago County Subdivision Ordinance and shall also show:


(a) The overall plan for development; including grading, landscaping, exterior design and location of buildings, lots, all common structures, facilities, utilities, access roads, streets, sidewalks, parking and open spaces;

(b) Total development area (square feet);

(c) Total proposed number of living units;

(d) Total proposed building area at ground level including garages, carports, and other community facilities;

(e) Total open space area (square feet);

(f) Total number of parking spaces.


(2) In the event the Planning & Zoning Committee approves the preliminary plan, or tentatively approves it with condition, the applicant shall submit a final plan for final approval within six (6) months. (After six (6) months the applicant must resubmit an original application in order to be eligible for further consideration.)


(b) Permit.


(1) Issuance of a Conditional Use Permit shall be based upon the following evaluation of the final plan:


(a) That the final preliminary plan conforms to the conditions for approval of the preliminary plan;

(b) That all basic district standards are satisfied;

(c) That the overall density of the project is in compliance with the comprehensive plan, or where no such plan has been duly adopted, is, in the committee's judgment, compatible with the surrounding area and/or within the capacity of the community's public services;

(d) That public sewer and adequate water is present;

(e) That landscaping and grading will be done to assure compliance with these surface water drainage standards;

(f) That the streets to be provided will assure a traffic circulation pattern which minimizes through traffic, allows for adequate turning and parking and provides ample space for the turning and effective use of snow plows, garbage and fire trucks, the loading and unloading of furniture, and other pickups and deliveries without blocking traffic;

(g) That there will be a minimum number of conflicts between pedestrian and vehicular traffic;

(h) That adequate lighting will be provided;

(i) That the final plans include the planting of adequate trees and shrubs where not already present;

(j) That the design of the development is in harmony with existing surroundings and will not be detrimental to the character of the neighborhood;

(k) That adequate surety bonds and/or scheduling dates are provided to guarantee the improvements shown on the plans;

(l) That deed restrictions are included to assure the proper preservation, care, and maintenance, by the original and all subsequent owners of the exterior design and layout of the development and of all common structures, facilities, utilities, accesses, open spaces, and park lands;

(m) That the final plan shall be platted and duly recorded according to the standards and procedures of the Winnebago County Subdivision Ordinance and Chapter 236 of the State Wisconsin Statutes.