According to these provisions and approval in (4) (see R-5).


(1) Location, site, and operational plans for all structures and improvements which serve the principal use.


(2) All principal, conditional, and approval uses of the B-1 and B-2 Business Districts and any other business uses which will compliment the density and setting of the residential development.


(3) Elevator apartments in excess of thirty-five (35) feet in height when distance between subject building and other structures and/or from property lines is increased at a rate of two (2) feet for each additional five (5) feet of height of the building over the first thirty-five (35) feet of height.


(4) Patio or zero side yard houses.


(5) Single- and two-family residences with onsite sewage disposal systems; providing the overall density of the development does not exceed two (2) dwelling units/acre.


(6) Private roads.


(7) Single family, duplex, or multiple family dwellings as specified in the application.


(8) Utilities--and associated structures-- provided all principal structures and uses are not less than fifty (50) feet from any residential district lot line.


(9) Governmental and cultural uses. Except town halls, town offices and town fire stations shall be considered principal uses.


(10) One-time disposal, except in "Flood Plain/Shoreland District," subject to receiving DNR permit.


(11) Public, private, and parochial elementary schools and all churches.


(12) Clubs, fraternities, lodges, and meeting places of a noncommercial nature.


(13) Home occupations and professional offices.


(14) Model homes and accessory signs..


(15) Community Living Arrangements greater than 8 persons as defined in Sec. 59.97(15), Statutes.


(16) Bed and Breakfasts.


(17) Nursing homes, medical clinics, boarding houses, Community Living Arrangements greater than 8 persons as defined in 59.97(15), Statutes.