Date:     April 5, 2005

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:    Community Development Department Staff

RE:         Agenda Item #10 – Peapenburg, Budde, Sawall, & Meyer – Clayton Ave./Jacobsen Rd. (0080215, 0080216, 008055204, 0080552, 008054506, 008054507, 0080543, & 0080550) – Proposed Rezoning from A-2/R-1 to R-1/R-2/R-5



Peapenburg, Budde, Sawall, & Meyer are all proposing to rezone their properties in anticipation of subdividing their properties via Certified Survey Map.  Should the Rezoning and the CSM’s be approved, Tom Shepeck of Centrum Development will exercise his option to purchase some of the properties.

(Sawall)Starting at Irish Road and south of the future extension of Jacobsen Road is the Eugene Sawall property.  Mr. Sawall’s property is currently zoned R-1 Rural Residential, and he is requesting R-2 Suburban Residential zoning.  Centrum Development is proposing this property for a single-family subdivision.

(Meyer)Continuing west, and staying south of the proposed Jacobsen Road extension, is a large area owned by Ronald Meyer.  Mr. Meyer’s land is currently zoned A-2 General Farming.  Mr. Meyer is requesting R-2 Suburban Residential zoning for a proposed single-family subdivision by Centrum Development.

(Budde)Staying on the south side of the proposed Jacobsen Road extension, the Buddes (Clayton Ave frontage) are proposing to rezone their property to R-1 Rural Residential, R-5 Planned Residential, and R-2 Suburban Residential.  The R-1 Rural Residential portion is adjacent to Clayton Avenue.  This area will be divided into two lots – one lot with the existing home and the second a newly created lot.  The R-5 Planned Residential portion is too narrow to allow for conventional R-2 development.  The R-5 zoning would allow Centrum Development to create an area of reduced setbacks for “twindominiums” served by a public road.  The remainder of the Budde property will be rezoned to R-2 Suburban Residential for a conventional single-family subdivision that will tie in with the Meyer land mentioned in the above paragraph.

(Peapenburg)Now, on the north side of Jacobsen Road extension along Clayton Avenue is the Peapenburg property.  This large area also being developed by Centrum Development is proposed to rezone to R-2 Suburban Residential and R-5 Planned Residential.  The portion rezoned to R-2 Suburban Residential is adjacent to Clayton Avenue along a portion of the proposed Jacobsen Road extension.  To the north of the proposed R-2 rezoning, the A-2 General Farming District will remain.  To the west of the proposed R-2 and existing A-2 zoning districts is the proposed R-5 Planned Residential District.  In this area of the Peapenburg property a 13-acre pond was created when the Wisconsin Department of Transportation needed additional fill for US Highway 10.  This pond creates segments of land that are not feasible for a conventional single-family residential subdivision. 

Findings of Fact

1.       This proposal is consistent with the 2005 Update to the 2003 Town of Menasha Comprehensive Plan.

2.       The land has been incorporated into the Sewer Service Area.

3.       This proposal is compliant with Winnebago County/Town Zoning Code Chapter 17.08 R-1 Rural Residential, R-2 Suburban Residential, and R-5 Planned Residential Districts.

4.       Property owners within 300 feet have been noticed by mail.


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of the rezoning request by Peapenburg, Budde, Sawall, & Meyer off of Clayton Road and the proposed extension of Jacobsen Road also known as parcel numbers 0080215, 0080216, 008055204, 0080552, 008054506, 008054507, 0080543, and 0080550.