Date:      April 13, 2005

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     Community Development Department Staff

RE:          Agenda Item #1 – Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Sewer Service Area Plan



East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission in conjunction with the communities in this area are preparing an amendment to the Sewer Service Area Plan.  This proposed plan amendment extends the sewer service area into most of the Town.  Due to this change in the sewer service area it was important to amend the comprehensive plan.   The largest major change is located in the northwest corner of the Town.  This land use will change from agricultural to a combination of industrial and low and medium density residential. Staff had originally proposed that more land be changed to industrial, but based on input from neighborhood meetings, was changed to the proposal that is now before you.


Staff continues to emphasize that creating too much low-density residential land use in the Town, will negatively affect future tax rates.  The area that was changed from industrial to low density residential, has a substantial amount of area that will be limited for any development because of environmental restrictions from navigable streams and wetlands.  Therefore the actual amount of land that can be developed for low density residential will be somewhat limited. 


The majority of the other changes are map corrections except for the following:

1.       The property south of U.S. Highway 10 shown as agricultural previously, is proposed to change to industrial and low and medium density residential

2.       The property along Valley Road is owned by Mike’s Cycle Shop.  The owner desires to expand his building and because there are two different land uses, this expansion cannot happen.  This change will change all parcels to commercial.

3.       The property located along Little Lake Butte Des Morts is proposed to change to recreational and wetlands to reflect its future use.

4.       The remaining areas are minor map revisions or corrections that are addressed in this future land use change.


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of these future land use changes and related text. The existing and proposed future land use maps are attached. Also attached are the proposed text changes.  The entire comprehensive plan with text changes highlighted is posted for review.

Changes are underlined


Five Year Capital Improvement Plan


As a way of planning and prioritizing future transportation improvements the Town has adopted a Five Year Capital Improvement Plan.   The plan identifies the transportation project, a description of the project, the estimated cost and potential funding sources. It should be updated annually as part of the Town’s budget process. The Five Year Capital Improvement Plan as approved by the Town Board on an annual basis shall be incorporated into this Comprehensive Plan.

Change 2



The Town has implemented a wayfinding signage system within the Town, which directs travelers to key destinations such as schools, parks, shopping areas, civic buildings and employment centers.


Official Mapping


The Town has  an Official Map Ordinance and Map which identifies and protects from development existing and proposed street rights-of-way, bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities, and other public uses as authorized by Section 62.23 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Official Mapping (Parks)


In order to protect them from development, the Town will continue to identify parks and open space facilities, sites for civic buildings and other public uses as authorized by Section 62.23 of the Wisconsin Statutes.