Date:      April 5, 2005

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     Community Development Department Staff

RE:          Agenda Item #3 – Site Plan Review -- ANR Pipeline – 1850 American Drive (0080250) – Proposed Staging Yard



ANR Pipeline is proposing to use a portion of New Hope Lutheran Church, 1850 American Drive - as a staging area for the replacement of a high pressure gas. Since this temporary land use could have a major impact on the surrounding neighborhood, staff is asking the Planning Commission to review this project. Staff has notified surrounding property owners to give them an opportunity to provide input on this project.   


The applicant is proposing a three (3) acre site to have a temporary staging yard for the replacement and upgrade of the ANR Pipeline that runs past the New Hope Lutheran Church out to Cold Spring Road.  This staging yard would only be used from June 1, 2005 to October 1, 2005.  The staging yard will have an area for three (3) office and tool storage trailers, employee parking, heavy equipment storage, material storage, and a soil stockpile.  Minor fabrication and welding would also be done at this site.


Access is proposed off of Millbrook Drive.  Staff has discussed the use of this access with the Street Department.  Superintendent who will monitor the use of this road. The use of American Drive, as an access, was explored but due to the driveway location - was not feasible.


The three (3) temporary trailers should remain less than 180 days, which would classify them as temporary according to the International Building Code.


The employee parking lot should be enough for about 20 to 30 personnel and approx. 10 to 15 vehicles that would be stored at the site.  No employee or vehicle parking will be allowed on any Town road right-of-way.


Dust control for the site will be accomplished through watering down the site.


Additionally unique to this site ANR Pipeline requires that all topsoil be stripped from the site to prevent any soil contamination.  The site plan has been forwarded to the Town’s Engineer for review of erosion control measures.


The applicant has gone door-to-door to the adjacent properties to collect public input.  The Town has in addition to this notified residents within three hundred (300) feet.


Findings of Fact

1.       Property owners within 300 feet have been noticed by mail.


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approving the request by ANR Pipeline for a Conditional Use Permit for a proposed temporary staging yard located at 1850 American Drive with the following conditions:

1.       The applicant shall be limited to use of the property from June 1, 2005 to October 1, 2005. 

2.       The hours of operation will be limited from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Saturday.

3.       The applicant shall be limited to three (3) trailers on site.  The office trailer(s) shall be handicap accessible.  The trailers shall require a building permit application, Winnebago County permit application and appropriate fees.  A temporary electric service shall be established and shall require a commercial electrical permit application and appropriate fees.

4.       A fifty (50) foot setback is required from the wetlands for activities other than residential development per Town of Menasha Municipal Code Chapter 31.16(5)(b).

5.       The erosion control plan submitted to the Town Engineer shall be reviewed and approved prior to erosion control permit application.  Appropriate fees shall accompany the permit application.

6.       The surface of the parking and material and equipment storage areas shall be surfaced with a material that shall be capable of supporting the imposed load of fire apparatus weighing at least 75,000 pounds.

7.       The applicant shall minimize all noise, dust, and odors by utilization of the best available methods.

8.       The applicant shall be required to follow all other local, state, and federal regulations.