Date:      April 5, 2005

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     Community Development Department Staff

RE:          Agenda Item #4 – CSM – Eugene Sawall – Proposed Jacobsen Rd. Extension (0080215 & 0080216) – Proposed 3-lot Land Division




The applicant, Eugene Sawall, is looking to divide his property into 3 lots.  There is an option to purchase by Centrum Development.  Centrum Development would like to develop a single-family subdivision on Lots 2 and 3.  Lot 1 will be retained by Mr. Sawall.


Lot 1 will be 610,531 square feet (14.0159 ac).  Lot 2 will be 123,104 square feet (2.8261 ac).  Lot 3 will be 254,735 square feet (5.8479 ac). 


Findings of Fact

1.       This proposal is consistent with the Low Density Residential designation on the 2005 Update to the 2003 Town of Menasha Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map.

2.       This land is within the Sewer Service Area.

3.       This proposal is compliant with Town of Menasha Municipal Code Chapter 6 Subdivision Control Ordinance/Planned Unit Development.

4.       This proposal is compliant with Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 236.

5.       This proposal is compliant with Chapter 18: Winnebago County Land Division Ordinance.


Staff Recommendation


Staff recommends conditional approval of this Certified Survey Map for Eugene Sawall located along the proposed extension of Jacobsen Road also known as parcel numbers 0080215 and 0080216 based on the above findings as submitted.