Date:      April 5, 2005

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     Community Development Department Staff

RE:          Agenda Item #9– Palisades Commercial Property, Inc.   882 Valley Road – Proposed Outside Storage in a M-1 Light Manufacturing and Office District



Palisades Commercial Property/McMahon Associates, Inc. is requesting a Conditional Use Permit in the M-1 Light Manufacturing and Office District for the outside storage of materials. This request is concurrent with Agenda Item #8, a request for a rezoning to M-1 Light Manufacturing and Office.  The applicant is proposing to screen the storage yard areas with a fence, which is shown in Attachment 1.


Findings of Fact

1.       This rezoning application is consistent with the 2005 Update to the Town of Menasha 2003 Comprehensive Plan, which designates this property as Industrial.

2.       This proposal is compliant with Winnebago County/Town Zoning Code Chapter 17.17 M-1 Light Manufacturing and Office District.

3.       Property owners within 300 feet have been noticed by mail.


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approving the request by Palisades Commercial Property for a Conditional Use Permit for outside storage yards located at 882 Valley Road with the following conditions:

1.       The applicant shall be required to provide a seven foot (7’0”) solid fence that is at least 90% opaque as shown in Attachment 1.

2.       The applicant shall be required to remove the shed.  The removal of the shed shall require a permit and a fee from the Community Development Department.

Attachment 1