Date:      8/8/2005

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     George L. Dearborn Jr., AICP

RE:          Agenda Item 3 - Conditional Use Permit for a 14 Unit Condominium Project  (Tayco Rd & Forkin St.)


The applicant Michael Blank has revised his conditional use permit (CUP) application for a 3.49 acres site.  He reduced the number of dwelling units from 17 to 14.  The access road has been changed from a private road to a dedicated public road.  The original layout included one detached single family unit and 8 attached two family units.  The new layout of the condominiums consists of four single family detached units, three two family condominiums and one four unit town house.  The proposed condominium project has a density of 4.01 units per acre.  The parcel is identified on the future land use map as low density residential which will allow up to 5 units per acre. 


The applicant Michael Blank has addressed the issues raised under the previous review of his project. 

1. Combine Properties  Staff still feels the most appropriate way to develop this property would be to combine it with the property to the north and south to create a more appropriately sized parcel for residential development but since the developer does not own both parcels.  The applicant has opened up dialog with Mr. Syring who owns the property to the north of his.  Mr. Syring has agreed to work with him on the public access road as noted below.  

2. Officially Mapped Road         The applicant has addressed the officially mapped road through this parcel. The applicant is proposing to dedicate a public right of way through his property and is working with Ken Syring to move the east/west portion of the road that connects to Forkin Street, north to further protect the house that is located at the entrance to the property. 

The public road connects to property on the north and south sides of this parcel.  

3. Width of Access      The applicant has addressed the road width issue by working with the northern property owner.  A portion of the public road will now be on the adjacent northern property. 

4. Exterior Design        The applicant is working on the exterior design.  Information will be provided at the Planning Commission Meeting.   

Findings of Fact

Staff finds that this Town Conditional Use Permit as submitted is now substantially complete and is in compliance with Chapter 30 Comprehensive Planning Ordinance and the Winnebago Town/County Zoning Ordinance.  

Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends approval of the CUP with the following conditions:

1.       A certified survey map shall be submitted dedicating the road right of way.  A development agreement shall be executed prior to the construction of the public roads.

2.       The condominium units shall be designed to limit interior noise from S.R. 441.  A note shall be placed on the condominium plat stating that the Department of Transportation will not construct a noise barrier along 441 and that the property owners shall be responsible for all noise reductions. 

3.       The exterior facades shall be approved by the Planning Commission.  All exteriors shall be compatible with the surrounding land uses.   

4.       A landscaping plan shall be prepared and approved by the Planning Commission.

5.       The CUP shall comply with all other local, State and Federal regulations.

Attached are maps showing the proposed site plan, location information and other details of the project.