Date:      7/20/2005

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     George L. Dearborn Jr., AICP

RE:          Agenda Item 3 - Conditional Use Permit for a 17 Unit Condominium Project (Tayco Rd & Forkin St.)


The applicant Michael Blank is requesting a conditional use permit (CUP) for a 3.49 acres site to construct a 17 dwelling unit condominium project with a private access road. One of the condominiums is a detached single family unit.  The remaining 16 units are located in 8 two family buildings.   The proposed condominium project has a density of 4.87 units per acre.  The parcel is identified on the future land use map as low density residential which will allow up to 5 units per acre of low density development.  


1. Combine Properties      There are a number of issues that affect this parcel and a number of ways to address these issues.  Staff feels the most appropriate way to develop this property would be to combine it with the property to the north and south to create a more appropriately sized parcel for residential development.

2. Officially Mapped Road     A public road has been officially mapped through this parcel. Attachment 4 shows this official mapping.  The Town will require a public road to substantially match the location shown on this attachment.  This public road will allow for the construction of public roads with more than one access point.  The mapped road needs to interconnect with the parcels located just north and south of this parcel.   A map is attached showing a proposed configuration of this road.  Since the southern most parcel as shown on attachment 5 is now in the City of Menasha, the mapped road can not connect to Lakeshore Dr. The access can now be modified to connect to Tayco Road as shown on attachment 6. 

3. Width of Access     Due to the lot configuration of the existing parcel, the only access to the parcel in question is now from Tayco Road.  The parcel access narrows to approximately 43 feet.  This creates further problems in creating a public road access.  Staff suggests that the developer work with the owner of the parcel just north of this parcel so that adequate right of way can be dedicated for this public road.   

4. Exterior Design       The applicant has not provided any details on the exterior appearance of the proposed condominium units.  This needs to be provided to ensure compatibility with surrounding housing. 

Findings of Fact

Staff finds that this Town Conditional Use Permit as submitted is not in compliance with Chapter 30 Comprehensive Planning Ordinance and the Winnebago Town/County Zoning Ordinance.  

Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends the postponement of this CUP until the developer can address the following issues:

1.       The roads need to be redesigned to address the officially map road and to allow the roads to be dedicated with connections to adjacent property including a temporary cul-de-sac. (An example of the proposed road layout is attached.)

2.       The condominium units need to be redesigned so that a majority of the units are single family detached with reduced setbacks. Another alternative would be to cluster some of the units to preserve open space.  This could be accomplished by constructing some townhouses in the area fronting S.R. 441.

3.       The exterior facades shall be shown to ensure compatibility with the surrounding land uses. 

Attached are maps showing the proposed site plan, location information, other details and suggested changes.    














Attachment 1



























Attachment 2


























Attachment 3



















Attachment 4

Attachment 6