Date:      5/12/2005

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     George Dearborn, AICP, Director of Community Development

RE:          Agenda Item 1 Rezoning M-1 to M-2 F&B Valley Development LLC


F&B Valley Development LLC is requesting a zoning change from M-1 Light Industrial to M-2 Heavy Industrial to allow for the construction trade and contractors offices, warehousing and retail sales. M-1 does not allow retail sales other than incidental to wholesale uses.  All the surrounding industrially zoned property is zoned M-2.  


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of this rezoning. The M-1 zoning district does not allow retail sales combined with warehousing.  Changing the future land use map to commercial to allow for commercial zoning would prohibit warehousing.  This is the most appropriate zoning to allow the various uses proposed, and should not have any greater impact on the adjacent land uses.  The site plan review process can address any screening that may be needed from adjacent residential homes.  


Findings of Fact

The proposed rezoning is in compliance with the future land use map.