Date:  May 11, 2005

To:      Town Planning Commission Members

From: George Dearborn, AICP Director of Community Development

RE:        Agenda Item #2 – Signs – Springhetti Landscaping LLC



Springhetti Landscaping is proposing two signs in the B-5 Zoning District. These signs are to be reviewed for action by the Town Planning Commission. 


One sign has been placed temporarily on the site.  The second sign will be placed on the building,  and additional information on the building sign will be available for the meeting. 


A picture of the proposed free standing sign is attached to this memo.  The sign to be attached to the building will look like the top half of the free standing sign. 



Staff Recommendation

I recommend approval of these signs.  A condition that all lighting be direct cutoff or internal,  and that the free standing sign meet setback requirements and landscaped at it’s base. 

Proposed Free Standing Sign

(To be placed 10 feet back and appropriately landscaped)











Location for Proposed Building Sign – Between Two Garage Doors

(Sign design will be similar to the top portion of the free standing sign.  A final plan for the building sign will be provided at the meeting.)