Date:      October 10, 2005

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 1 – CSM – Portside Properties – 008-4812


This certified survey map (CSM) will create 3-lots and dedicate land for a public right-of-way to connect Jameson Street to Sell Drive.  Portside Builders has an existing building which will be on the proposed Lot 2 and are in the process of constructing a warehouse building on the northeast end of the proposed Lot 1.  This CSM is a condition of approval for the new warehouse building. 

Lot 1 – 4.6007 acres (200,404 sq. ft.), Lot 2 – 5.9692 acres (260,016 sq. ft.), Lot 3 – 1.3286 acres (57,875 sq. ft.)

The CSM will also vacate part of the street (Sell Drive) which was used as a turnaround.  The vacated part of the street is located entirely on the applicant’s property.  The Department of Community Development staff does not object to the street vacation.

Findings of Fact

Staff finds that this CSM complies with the Town of Menasha’s Chapter 6 Subdivision Control/Planned Unit Development Ordinance.

Staff finds that this CSM complies with Winnebago County’s Land Division Ordinance Chapter 18.

Staff finds that this CSM complies with the Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 236.

Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends approval of this certified survey map and road vacation as submitted.