Date:      October 11, 2005

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 6 – Condo Plat – Cottagewood Condos – 008-0230 & 008-0230-02


This condominium plat is for the Live/Work units at Cottagewood Condos at the northeast corner of West American Drive and Irish Road.  The plat shows 112-units, whereas the conditional use permit was approved for 110-units.  The plat will dedicate the right-of-ways for roadway purposes.  The main entrance is located off of West American Drive, with a secondary access off of Irish Road and a future access to the property to the east. 

Findings of Fact

·         Staff finds that this Condominium Plat does comply with the Town of Menasha’s Chapter 6 Subdivision Control/Planned Unit Development Ordinance.

·         Fees in lieu of land and park improvements fees shall be accepted.  No land dedication is proposed.

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of this Condominium Plat with the following conditions:

·         A drainage plan shall be submitted and approved prior to the recording of the plat.

·         All right-of-ways shall be dedicated prior to the recording of the plat.

·         The number of units on the Condo Plat shall match the number of units approved by the Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

·         A Developer’s Agreement shall be approved and executed prior to the recording of the plat.

·         All conditions of the CUP shall be met prior to the recording of the plat.

·         Architecture -- Architecture shall meet the requirements for WCTZC 17.13-B (10)(i)(2)(a) &/or (b).  The exterior façade shall be modified to comply with the requirements of this zoning district.  All exterior facades shall be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission.

·         Building Height – All structures shall meet WCTZC 17.13-B (10)(c)(1) which states that all buildings shall not exceed 40 feet in height.

·         Building Setbacks – All structures shall meet WCTZC 17.13-B (10)(d). The buildings do not meet the present setback requirements for the B-5 zoning district.  Application has been made to Winnebago County to amend the B-5 zoning district to allow reduced setbacks.  If this amendment is approved the structures in this development will be in compliance with setback requirements.

·         No landscaping plan has been submitted.  The applicant shall submit a landscape plan that complies with the Town’s Landscaping Ordinance and the B-5 Zoning District.

·         Utility Services –The applicant shall provide the location of services and screening to the Community Development Department.

·         Fences – No fences are proposed for this development, any fences require separate application and review. 

·         Roof Mounted Equipment – Applicant shall identify RMEs if any exist and provide detail to the Community Development Department on how they will be screened per WCTZC 17.13-B (10)(f).

·         FAR (Building Floor to Site Area Ratio) – The applicant shall provide information to determine that the FAR shall meets WCTZC 17.13-B (10)(b).

·         Outside Storage – All business, servicing, processing, and storage shall be conducted within completely enclosed buildings per WCTZC 17.13-B (9)(f).

·         Parking – Parking meets the requirements of WCTZC 17.26(3)(b).  The parking lot setbacks shall be modified to meet the requirements of WCTZC 17.13-B (4)(f)(1).

·         Public Roads - All roads shall be dedicated to the public and meet Town Road Specifications.

·         Lighting -- Lighting details shall be submitted to the Community Development Department indicating the lighting fixtures to be used on site and on the building exterior.  All fixtures are required to be direct cut-off fixtures. All street lights must be 25’ in height or less.  No wooden poles are allowed for fixture mounting.  These requirements are per WCTZC 17.13B (4)(d)(1)-(5) Storm Water and Erosion Control - A Storm water and Erosion Control Plan shall be submitted meeting WCTZC 17.13-B (9)(g) and TOM Chapter 31 in its entirety.

·         Signs – No signs are proposed.  Any signs will require separate application and review. 

·         Accessory Structures – No accessory structures are proposed.  Any future accessory structures will require a new Town CUP.

·         Live/Work Uses – A minimum of 20% of the residential units in this development shall incorporate provisions for commercial uses.  The uses shall be limited to commercial uses that are compatible with the building and fire code requirements for the dwelling units and all of the following criteria:

§         A Business License shall be required which will include a review by the Community Development. 

§         Uses shall be limited to B occupancy groups as defined by the IBC.  Specifically the uses shall be limited to professional offices, medical offices (non-hazardous), and business offices.

§         The owner and/or tenant shall occupy both the living and work areas.

§         The number of outside employees allowed on-site shall be limited to two (2) employees.

§         Hours of operation shall be limited from 8AM to 5PM.

§         Public use areas shall be handicap accessible.

§         No outside storage or displays shall be allowed.

§         In addition to the garage and driveway spaces, two spaces per live/work unit shall be provided.

·         Detailed Site Plan – A detailed site plan meeting the requirements of the Town of Menasha Site Plan Review Ordinance shall be submitted, indicating the units that are targeted as the Live/Work units.  Additionally, the Live/Work units should be concentrated within the development, unless every unit is intended to be a Live/Work unit.

·         Park Improvement Fees and Fees in Lieu of Land shall apply at the time of the Condominium Plat per TOM Chapter 6.11 and 6.42

·         A 10’-wide asphalt trail shall be constructed along Irish Road at the time of road reconstruction in compliance with Chapter 6.28 and the TOM 2003 Comprehensive Plan.  Town of Menasha assessment policies shall apply at that time.  A pedestrian trail connection and easement shall be required from the public access road to the western property line. A bike/pedestrian trail shall also be provided connecting the development to the West American Drive trail location.

·         Fire Protection – The proposed buildings are not sprinkled.  The applicant shall meet all other requirements of Town Ordinances on Fire Projection and all other applicable fire codes.

·         Utilities – The location of all utilities shall be submitted by the applicant.  Applicant shall meet all requirements of the Town Utility District ordinances and regulations.

·         Facades shall be submitted to the Plan Commission for review and approval.