Date:      September 1, 2005

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     George L. Dearborn Jr., AICP

RE:          Agenda Item 2 – Sign Permit for Sidelines Sports Pub & Grille


The applicant is proposing a surface mounted wall sign in the Gateway Square at 1575 Plaza Dr.   No information has been provided on the size of the sign.   The sign copy will read “Sidelines Sports Club & Grill”.  The maximum allowed square footage allowed per the Gateway Square Sign Standard for this project, which we understand incorporates 2 bays, is 80 square feet.

Following are the wall sign specifications for Gateway Square:

1.       All new tenants of Gateway Square must apply for and receive a Sign Permit from the Town of Menasha Plan Commission prior to fabrication and installation of any signage within this development.  All signs must meet the requirements of the Chapter 17.13-B and Chapter 17.28(4)(e) and (6)(c) of the Winnebago County/Town Zoning Ordinance and the Sign Standards.

2.       Sign letter style shall require a written approval by Landlord.  A letter of such approval and a signed copy of the sign plan shall accompany the Sign Permit application.

3.       The applicant shall be allowed two and a half (2 1/2) square feet of signage per linear foot of storefront.  Letters are to be centered in the sign band of the individual Tenant’s storefront.

4.       Logos are permitted.  An additional 25% of the square feet per lineal foot of storefront for logos are allowed.  (Ex. Tenant has twenty (20) feet of store front.  The Tenant is allowed forty (40) square feet of signage and an additional ten (10) square feet for the logo).  Logos may be cabinet or box type signs.

5.       Wall signs shall be internally illuminated with 15mm, neon tube matching Tenant’s lexan color choice powered by 60mA transformers.  All transformers, wiring, etc will be concealed in raceways.  Illuminated letters exceeding 20” must be illuminated by 2 strokes of neon.

6.       All installations are to meet or exceed NEC (National Electric Code) requirements, be UL Listed and display the appropriate UL label as well as the manufacturer's label.  No other visible markings will be allowed.

7.       No pulsing, flashing, or moving signs, strobe lights, roof, signs painted on the building, cabinet, or box signs are allowed, except as provided for Section IV(6).

8.       All illuminated signs are to be turned off outside normal business hours.

9.       Upon termination of the lease, Tenant shall be responsible for the removal of his/her sign and then restoring the fascia to its original condition.  This includes plugging all holes and disconnecting all power to the sign.  If Tenant fails to do so within five (5) business days after last day of business, the Landlord may perform this work and charge the Tenant accordingly.  The Tenant’s security deposit will be made available for such work.  Removal includes all window and door graphics as well as exterior signage.


Findings of Fact

1.       With the information provided staff can not determine if the sign is compliant with Town of Menasha Gateway Square Sign Standard.

2.       The sign is compliant with Town of Menasha Municipal Code Chapter 14.63 Billboards and Signs.

3.       The sign is compliant with Winnebago County/Town Zoning Ordinance 17.28 Signs.


Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends postponement of the approval of this sign application until adequate information is provided.  This information could be provided at the Planning Commission Meeting.