Date:      April 12, 2006

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 12 – Ordinance – Chapter 6: Land Division Control Ordinance


The Department of Community Development is updating the subdivision ordinance, Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code.  The new ordinance is for the most part a rewrite of the existing ordinance.  Major changes to the subdivision ordinance include:

·         Outlining in more detail the requirements for Preliminary and Final Plats, Sections 6.05 & 6.06.  Page 13  & Page 18 These sections provide more detail of the requirements of preliminary and final plats.  In addition, language was added stating that a final plat shall be submitted within 6 months of an approved preliminary plat, otherwise the development may have to start the review process over again. [Sections 6.05 2) e) & Section 6.06 2) b) 2)]

·         Parkland or fees in lieu of parkland has been added to land divisions by Certified Survey Map, Section 6.07 2). Page 23

·         Adding a section regarding Condominium Developments, Section 6.09. Page 26   Currently, the standards follow that for Final Plats.

·         Changes in the Design Standards, Section 6.10,  Page 30 such as:

o    Reducing right-of-way width for residential roads to allow road widths for local streets to be as low as 54-60 feet. [Section 6.10 1) c) 4)]  Page 31

o    Requiring trails on arterials and collectors and sidewalks on both sides of residential streets. [Section 6.10 2) g)]  Page 34

o    Requiring decorative street lights and prohibiting wood poles. [Section 6.10 2) l)]  Pg 35

o    Requiring a fee for planting street trees within the development. [Section 6.10 2) n)] Pg 35

·         The timetable for payment of fees in lieu of parkland for land divisions has been changed from 50% of the fees due initially with the remaining 50% due when 50% of the lots are sold to all fees due at the signing of the developer’s agreement, Section 6.12 1) b). Page 40

·         Adding a Noise Abatement along Highways section (required by the DOT), Section 6.13. Page 50 Currently, there are no standards for noise abatement. 


·         Fees have been updated to reflect staff time and costs billed to the Town for contracted services.

Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends approval of the Ordinance as submitted.