Date:      April 12, 2006

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 3 – Certified Survey Map – Tammy Huza


The applicant is proposing a certified survey map (CSM) for the property located at 1338 Lakeshore Drive, the intersection of Lakeshore Drive and Gordon Street (008-1110 & 008-1111-01).  The applicant owns both properties and there is an existing house on the property. 


The purpose of the CSM is to create one lot.  The property is split by two different subdivisions.  The northern property (008-1110) is part of the Butte Des Morts Place subdivision and the southern property (008-1111-01) is part of the Page’s Bay Plat subdivision. 

Findings of Fact

·         Staff finds that this CSM complies with the Town of Menasha’s Chapter 6 Subdivision Control/Planned Unit Development Ordinance.

Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends conditional approval of this Certified Survey Map with the following conditions:

·         The CSM shall meet all of the requirements of Chapter 236.34 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

·         All taxes and assessments shall be paid prior to the Town affixing signatures on the Certified Survey Map.