Date:      February 7, 2006

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 1 – Resolution 060215-1 – 2006 Update to the Comprehensive Plan


On an annual basis, we conduct a review of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.  This year we reviewed the goals, objectives and policies and the future land use map. 

Last year we completed a revision of the future land use map; that corrected some oversights on the original map, and changed a large portion of the northwest portion from rural to industrial due to the expansion of the sewer service area to incorporate much of this area.   

Staff feels that in order to maintain a continuity of development, promote the orderly development of the Town, maintain a supportive tax base and minimize the impacts of incompatible new pending industrial developments, the areas outlined on the future land use map are proposed to be changed from Low-Density Residential to Industrial for five parcels, 008-0175, 008-0177, 008-0179, 008-0180 & 008-0181.

Staff feels that no changes are needed to the text, but would like to emphasize implementing more of the objectives and policies.  We had made great strides in 2005.   

One goal that we feel is very important is the further pursuit of “incorporation”.  The need to explore incorporation was reemphasized during the January 10th 2006 public hearing addressing the Winnebago County Comprehensive Plan. 


One of the concerns raised by a Town of Oshkosh Board member was the impact that the City of Oshkosh is having on their development.  The City of Oshkosh has adopted a Comprehensive Plan and is exercising its right to regulate land use within 3 miles of its borders.  This has substantially affected and limited development in the Town of Oshkosh.  We are fortunate to have a good relationship with the City of Appleton, Menasha and Neenah but if any, or all of the Cities decide to take advantage of their extraterritorial authority, and if those Comprehensive Plans are contrary to the plan the Town has in place, then development in the Town could be delayed or prevented if not in compliance with the Cities’ plans.  This would be a very serious development. 

Findings of Fact

·                                          Staff finds that no Text Amendments are needed this year.

·                                          Staff finds that an update to the Future Land Use Map is needed.

·                                          Notice has been sent to all required parties.

Staff Recommendation                                

Staff recommends an update to the Future Land Use Map for the following parcels, from Low-Density Residential to Industrial for parcels 008-0175, 008-0177, 008-0179, 008-0180 & 008-0181 to ensure more appropriate future land development.  Staff recommends no changes in the text for 2006 for the Comprehensive Plan.