Date:      February 8, 2006

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 5 – Town B-5 Conditional Use Permit – Menasha Shell


The applicant is proposing a multi-tenant convenience store gas station and carwash, called Menasha Shell, for the property located at 1370 Jacobsen Road on the northeast corner of Jacobsen Road and County Road CB (008-0240-01).  The property is zoned B-5 (Planned Commercial Business) and is approximately 2.37-acres. 


The proposed building is 8,623-square feet and the carwash is 1,506-square feet.  The carwash will be one bay, with a future addition shown on the site for a second bay.  Currently, there are no occupants for the tenant spaces.  The building is proposed to be brick with block.  No color samples or material samples have been provided.  There are two freestanding signs proposed for the site, one monument sign on the corner and a pylon sign on the north end of the site. 

Findings of Fact

·   Staff finds that this Town B-5 Conditional Use Permit complies with the Town of Menasha’s Chapter 30 Comprehensive Plan and Winnebago County Town/County Zoning Ordinance.

·   Staff finds that this Town B-5 Conditional Use Permit complies with the Winnebago County Town/County Zoning Ordinance (WCTCZO) regarding the following:

·   Open Space – The proposal meets WCTCZO 17.13-B regarding 30% open space.  The development has 30.8% open space.

·   Parking – Parking meets the requirements of WCTCZO 17.26 and 17.13-B.

·   Stormwater and Erosion Control – A Stormwater and Erosion Control Plan has been approved by the Town Engineer.

Staff Recommendation         

Staff recommends approval of this Town B-5 Conditional Use Permit with the following conditions:

·   The access driveway to Jacobsen Road shall be eliminated.

·   A 10-foot wide Bicycle/Pedestrian trail shall be constructed on the North side of Jacobsen Road from McMahon Drive to County Road CB per Town plans, specifications and standards.

·   The car wash dryers shall use blowers that minimize blower noise from the car wash using the most currently available low noise equipment.   The applicant shall provide Community Development Department staff with the decibel reading specifications of the blower equipment.   All practical steps shall be taken to minimize the noise of the dryers at the property line to ensure that the noise of the dryers does not appreciably exceed the ambient decibel readings found at the property lines when the blowers are not operating.

·   Detailed Site Plan – A detailed site plan meeting the requirements of the Town of Menasha Site Plan Review Ordinance & WCTCZO Chapter 17.13-B shall be submitted. The proposal must meet WCTCZO Chapter 17.13-B in its entirety including the following:



·   Elevations – All architectural facades shall meet WCTCZO 17.13-B.  Architectural elevations, floor plans, material samples, and color samples shall be submitted to the Community Development Department for approval and shall meet WCTCZO 17.13-B in its entirety. 

·   Setbacks – The building meets the required setback per WCTCZO Chapter 17.13-B.


Landscaping and Screening

·   Landscaping – A landscaping plan shall be submitted by the applicant that meets or exceeds the standards of the Town of Menasha Municipal Code Chapter 29 and WCTCZO Chapter 17.13-B. 

·   Refuse Storage – The dumpster enclosure shall meet WCTCZO Chapter 17.13-B.

·   Services – Air conditioning, gas and electric units shall be identified and screened.

·   Fences – No fences are proposed.  All fences require separate application and review. 

·   Roof Mounted Equipment – No roof mounted equipment is identified.  Applicant shall identify RMEs if any exist and provide detail on how they will be screened from view.

·   FAR (Building Floor to Site Area Ratio) – The applicant shall meet the requirement for FAR per WCTCZO 17.13-B and submit information to determine the FAR on the site.

·   Outside Storage – Dumpster enclosure is identified on the plan.  No outside storage of materials shall be allowed.  All business, servicing, processing, and storage shall be conducted within completely enclosed buildings per WCTCZO 17.13-B.


Traffic and Access

·   Access – The driveway curb cuts shall require an excavation permit and escrow.


Streets and Improvements

·   Improvements – All improvements shall meet the Town of Menasha Standard Specifications for Storm Sewer and Street Construction.



·   Lighting – All fixtures including exterior building fixtures are required to be direct cut-off fixtures.  Lighting requirements shall meet WCTCZO 17.13-B.



·   Signs – Any proposed signs require separate application and review. 

·   Accessory Structures – A single bay car wash is proposed. Any future accessory structures or additions will require a new Town B-5 CUP.

·   Radio and Television Antennas – No antennas are shown on the site plan.  Radio and Television Antennas shall meet WCTCZO 17.13-B.

·   Satellite Dishes – No satellite dishes are shown on the plan.  Satellite dishes shall meet WCTCZ 17.13-B.

·   Noxious uses - Uses that are offensive due to odor, smoke, fumes, dust, noise, vibration, radioactive emissions, pollution, or excessive danger of fire or explosion shall not be allowed, per WCTCZO 17.13-B.


Fire Protection

·   Fire Protection – The applicant shall meet all requirements of Town Ordinances on Fire Projection and all other applicable fire codes.



·   Utilities – The location of all utilities shall be submitted by the applicant.  The applicant shall meet all requirements of the Town Utility District ordinances and regulations.