Date:      January 10, 2006

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 4 – Text Amendment – Park and Open Space Plan


The attached proposed changes are a reflection of the discussions regarding the redevelopment of the Fritse Park area.  After two years of planning it is important to adopt these recommendations into the Park and Open Space Plan so that when state and federal grant funding opportunities present themselves, the recommendations are clearly stated.  Most state and federal grant sources require this as part of the application process.

Findings of Fact

·         Staff finds that this Text Amendment complies with the Town of Menasha’s Chapter 30 Comprehensive Plan Ordinance.

Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends approval of this Text Amendment to the Park and Open Space Plan.

Town of Menasha

Five-Year Parks & Open Space Plan:

2004 - 2009




Town Of Menasha

Winnebago County, Wisconsin



January 1, 2004

Revised March 9, 2005

Revised January 2006

























Prepared By:

Town of Menasha Park Commission

The Parks and Recreation Department

The Community Development Department



A.            General Recommendations


1.       Playground equipment shall be updated to meet current National Playground Safety Institute guidelines and standards.

2.       Park signage is inconsistent from park to park.  Signage should be replaced with consistent signage and should include the Town of Menasha logo.

3.       Beautification projects, such as flower bed plantings, should be started by the Town and maintained through volunteers.


B.            Community Parks


Fritse (Updated January 2006)

a.       Develop a conceptual site master plan for the entire 15 acre site.  Completed 2004

b.       Develop new parking area.

c.       New small shelter pavilion with restroom area to serve pedestrian trail.

d.       Resurface or replace parking areas

e.       Maintenance/upkeep or replacement of existing playground equipment to meet existing National Playground Safety Guidelines.

f.        Replace deteriorating seawall and boat landing

g.       Install steps and handicapped access path to trestle trail

h.       Raze Rydell house and replace with new pavilion with supporting facilities

i.         Complete shoreline restoration projects along the pond banks and Little Lake Butte des Morts

j.         Remove invasive species

k.      Development storm water management demonstration sites

l.         Develop internal connecting walking path



a.       Reconstruct walking path from southern portion of parking lot to the existing trail in front of the volleyball court.

b.       New northern parking lot (250’ x 100’) connecting to Bonnie Drive.

c.       New fencing for baseball diamond.

d.       New walking path from northern portion of existing parking lot to Sandy’s Lane.

e.       Resurface existing parking lot.

f.         Upgrade playground equipment as needed.





a.       Resurface parking lots

b.       Maintenance/upgrade of existing playground equipment

c.       Rebuild bathroom (shelter located off of O’Leary)

d.       Increase size of parking lot located off of Lee Street.

e.       Blacktop trail to start of chip trail in woods.