Date:      May 9, 2006

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 1 – Sign – Jump ‘N Jive Java


The applicant is proposing a wall mounted sign at the Gateway Retail Center (1575 Plaza Drive) for Jump ‘N Jive Java.  The Gateway Retail Center has its own sign standards in addition to the standards found in the Zoning Code. 


The amount of signage allowed under the Gateway Square Sign Standards is determined by the number of lineal feet of storefront.  Staff has been informed that the establishment will occupy 32-feet of storefront.  According to the Gateway Square Sign Standards, the applicant is allowed 2.5-feet of signage per lineal foot of storefront equaling 80 square feet for signage, plus an additional 25% equaling 20 square feet for logos, for a total of 100 square feet.  The proposal is for a 117.76-inch (9.81-feet) by 62-inch (5.16-feet) sign equaling 50.6-square feet plus two 21-square foot logos for a total of 92.6-square feet of signage.

Findings of Fact

·         Staff finds that this Sign complies with the Town of Menasha’s Gateway Square Sign Standards and Winnebago County Town/County Zoning Ordinance.

Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends approval of this Sign with the following conditions:

·         Any modification to the Sign shall require Plan Commission approval.