Date:      May 9, 2006

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 2 – Certified Survey Map – Leroy Schaefer – 921 Clover Street


The applicant is proposing a Certified Survey Map for parcels 008-1837 & 008-1838, 921 Clover Street, to move the lot line 15-feet so that the structures on Lot 2 comply with the Zoning Ordinance.  The applicant currently owns both properties. 

Findings of Fact

·         Staff finds that this Certified Survey Map complies with the Town of Menasha’s Chapter 6 Subdivision Control/Planned Unit Development Ordinance.  

Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends approval of this Certified Survey Map with the following conditions:

·         All taxes and assessments shall be paid prior to the Town affixing signatures on the Certified Survey Map.