Date:      May 9, 2006

To:          Town Planning Commisison Members

From:     Department of Community Development Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 8 – Ordinance – Chapter 6: Land Division Control Ordinance


The Department of Community Development is updating the subdivision ordinance, Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code.  The new ordinance is for the most part a rewrite of the existing ordinance.  Major changes to the subdivision ordinance include:

·         Outlining in more detail the requirements for Preliminary and Final Plats, Sections 6.05 & 6.06.  Page 13  & Page 18 These sections provide more detail of the requirements of preliminary and final plats.  In addition, language was added stating that a final plat shall be submitted within 6 months of an approved preliminary plat, otherwise the development may have to start the review process over again. [Sections 6.05 2) e) & Section 6.06 2) b) 2)]

·         Parkland or fees in lieu of parkland has been added to land divisions by Certified Survey Map, Section 6.07 2). Page 22

·         Adding a section regarding Condominium Developments, Section 6.09. Page 25   Currently, there are no standards.

·         Changes in the Design Standards, Section 6.10,  Page 30 such as:

o    Reducing right-of-way width for residential roads to allow road widths for local streets to be as low as 54-60 feet. [Section 6.10 1) c) 4)]  Page 31

o    Requiring trails on arterials and collectors; and sidewalks as deemed necessary by the Plan Commission. [Section 6.10 2) g)]  Page 33

o    Requiring decorative street lights and prohibiting wood poles. [Section 6.10 2) l)]  Pg 34

o    Requiring street trees within the development. [Section 6.10 2) n)] Pg 34

·         Adding a Noise Abatement along Highways section (required by the DOT), Section 6.13. Page 48 Currently, there are no standards for noise abatement. 

·         Fees have been updated to reflect staff time and costs billed to the Town for contracted services.

Changes incorporated from the Special Meeting on May 3, 2006:

·         Page 1, added language to the purpose section.

·         Page 7, added language regarding vegetation.

·         Page 31, added language for traffic calming devices to the intersections section.

·         Page 33, added language regarding Low Impact Development.

·         Page 33, deleted language requiring sidewalks in land divisions.  The Plan Commission may require sidewalks where it deems necessary.

·         Page 34, clarified language for street lamps that the Plan Commission and Town Board shall approve the street lamp type.

·         Page 34, added option for street trees that the subdivider can either pay a fee for street trees or purchase their own.  Either option still requires that the species and location be approved by the Director of Comm. Dev. with input from the Street Superintendent and the Director of Park & Rec.

·         Page 40, changed language for payment of fees in lieu of land to read as they are in the current ordinance.

Staff Recommendation                            

Staff recommends approval of the Ordinance as submitted.