WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2005 @ 5:00 PM



CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Bellmer called the Planning Commission Meeting of June 15, 2005 to order at 5:01 PM.


PRESENT:  Chairperson Alvin Bellmer, Planning Commissioners: Harold Pelton, Dennis Jochman, Kris Koeppe, Terry Buck, Michelle Schaetz, and Michael Van Dyke.  Community Development Director George Dearborn, Assistant Mark Mommaerts, and Intern Matt Dorner.




ALSO PRESENT:                   Jason Schmitz               Brian Ehricke                Bob Liedl

                                                Alan Ament                  Paul Eisen






The minutes of May were reviewed.  Motion by Chairperson Alvin Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Michael Van Dyke to approve the minutes of the May 18, 2005 meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.



  1. Introduction of Mark Mommaerts – New Associate Planner

Community Development Director George Dearborn introduced Mark Mommaerts.  Mark has accepted the Associate Planner position.  Mark has moved here from Kenosha, and knows the area because he is originally from Green Bay.  We congratulated Mark on his appointment and welcomed him to the Town of Menasha.   


  1. Rezoning – ZAC Investments Corp. A-2 Gen. Agriculture to B-5 Planned Commercial

ZAC Investments Corporation has proposed a rezoning on the southwest corner of Jacobsen Road and Cnty Hwy. CB.  Years ago, a rezoning request was denied because it did not comply with the land use map at that time.  In the 2003, the land use map had been modified and comprehensive plan updated which now provides compliance for this proposed application.    The B-5 zoning district aids in regulating uses, and assists in the design plan which needs to be submitted.  When a proposal under the B-5 zoning is submitted, it would allow an interface between the wetlands, woodlands, and future uses by providing screenings for this area. 


Brian Ehricke, and Brian Schmitz Elk Trail, had questions about the setbacks from the wooded area and if this development would have any adverse affects.   Mr. Ehricke inquired about having the existing single family residence along Jacobsen rezoned at the same time.  Mr. Ehricke explained that the developer has started filling the property to raise the level and expressed concerns about the control of the elevations under the proposed B-5 zoning request.


Under the original A-2 zoning designation, the property owner could have removed any vegetation and raise the elevations, but under this proposed B-5 zoning designation and site plan review, the Town will be able to control and protect the existing or future vegetation and elevation.  As each site plan is submitted, it will be addressed at a future Planning Commission meeting after notification of the public.  All surrounding property owners may attend and review the proposals. 


Commissioner Schaetz expressed that the wetlands district on the property is protected with an existing 25 foot set back, and under the proposed B-5 zoning designation, we can be more restrictive.   Community Development Director Dearborn explained that the existing single family home cannot be forced into another zoning designation.  If the homes remain, they will need additional buffering and will limit some of the proposed uses, unless they are acquired.  Director Dearborn stated that under the proposed zoning a fill plan would be subject to the Town’s approval.  The wetlands may not be used for drainage water, but after being detained, the overflow may empty into the wetlands.


ZAC Investment Developer Alan Ament, confirmed the true parcel boundaries, and when construction of County Hwy. CB was completed, remnant triangle pieces were created.  The southernmost triangle is too small to develop and the development intends to keep it in it’s wooded state.  The triangle parcel across Cnty. Hwy CB is not included in this rezoning application request.


Commissioner Schaetz inquired about rezoning the triangle to recreational.  Director Dearborn confirmed that in the comprehensive plan, this triangle is recognized as commercial.  Under the B-5 zoning site plan review, a restriction can be placed on this area of woods.


Developer Ament said it is their intention to protect the west border of existing trees, and should enhance the future development projects.


Director Dearborn stated that under the present agriculture zoning, trees and elevations may be completed, except in the wetlands area which is protected.  Under the proposed B-5 zoning designation and site plan review process, trees removed from the non-wetlands area, will be under the scrutiny of the Planning Commission. Under this review process, we can recognize and determine which trees may be approved for removal, and designate additional buffering between the development and Cnty CB.


Again, Developer Ament states that it is their intention to protect all the existing trees which will provide a buffer between the development and the neighborhood.  It is also their intention to provide a sidewalk connection between the CB Trail through the development up to the property line.


Director Dearborn confirmed that the proposed sidewalk through the western subdivision, along Elk Trail would provide the connection to this development in the future.  When the Park and Recreation Department develops Wildlife Heights open space area, the Town would be responsible for this connection from the subdivision to the sidewalk of the Ament development.    


MOTION: Chairperson Al Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Dennis Jochman to approve the rezoning request as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Discussion of Smart Growth Legislation Elimination

The Joint Finance Committee forwarded their budget for approval, and Representative Dean Kaufert proposed eliminating Smart Growth and grant funding by changing legislation for smart growth.  What’s difficult is that communities are currently completing or have completed their smart growth studies using the grant funds and substantially their own funds.  The Town of Menasha used grant funds to develop our future land use map.  This has been a significant tool to identify land uses in conjunction with the surrounding communities.


Commissioner Pelton inquired about the difference in dollars at the state level.  Director Dearborn replied that it would affect the grand funds for roughly $2 million dollars.




None for this meeting.





  1. Development Report – no report at this time.
  2. Building Permit Report & Cost Benefit Analysis  


The following cost-benefit table for May notes that we are about 21 single family homes behind what we were at last year (which was a record year).  What is interesting to report is that the Commercial is starting to pick up.  Ogden is the main increase here and possibly Workforce Development applications.  We are now seeing a positive for cost benefit rate for commercial / industrial and multi family.








MOTION: by Commissioner Harold Pelton, seconded by Commissioner Shelly Schaetz to adjourn the meeting of June 15, 2005 at 5:45 PM.   Motion carried unanimously.






Mary R. Heiting

Recording Secretary